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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar December 21, 2013 12/21/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

Citrus Lane 22 Month Old Boy and Discount

I finally received my second Citrus Lane box today.  This is for my 22 month old son T.  I already knew what was in this box, so it wasn’t really exciting.  If you are interested in my 4 year old’s box, you can click HERE.  Citrus Lane is $25.00 a month, and you get 4-5 items for the age and gender of your child.  Typically you will get a 1 or 2 toys, a personal care item and something else.  
The Box
 Citrus Lane made their boxes decorated with pretty snowflakes
First Look
 I am hoping the squiggles are here because of the winter decorated box.  I really hate these squiggles because they get tiny pieces everywhere.  I love the pretty tissue paper best.
Information Card and Barefoot Books
Citrus Lane is one of the few “big children’s box companies” that send information cards.  Many other companies are posting theirs online.  I like having a paper information card.  Barefoot Books also sent a card, advertising $40.00 off their already discounted Ambassador bundle.  I know I won’t buy two bundles, so this one will not be used.
Pearhead Handprint Art Kit $5.33
 I generally don’t like duplicates between my 4 year old and 22 month old’s boxes, but this one is a good duplicate.  I love that I can preserve both of my boy’s hand prints.
Babytime Episcencial Snuggly Lotion $5.10
 I am not sure how much lotion two small boys need, but we are stocked up here.  I guess when you are addicted to subscription boxes, you should be prepared for this.  I like this lotion and hopefully T will too.  I am careful with the types of lotion I use with him, because he has eczema.
I Took the Moon For A Walk by Carolyn Curtis $7.19
I love this book.  This is a super cute book, about a boy overcoming his fear of the dark.  This is made by Barefoot Books.
Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker $9.52
This is a really nice stacker, unfortunately we already have it from our October BLUUM box.  This is a really great toy because you can stack the rings in any order.  T really likes his, so this will be a nice gift for someone.
Final Thought: The total value of this box was $27.14.  I am a little disappointed this month.  The book and hand print art are my favorite items.  The stacker is a nice toy, and it is not Citrus Lane‘s fault I already have it.  I do wish Citrus Lane would branch out into some different brands.If you want to try Citrus Lane, you can get $10.00 off your first order HERE.
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1 Comment(s)

  1. Milissa, January 13, 2014:

    I wanted to stay with Citrus Lane, but like you said I wish they had a little more variety. The main reason was, I did not want receive a book in every box. After four I called it quits.