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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
NatureBox - Delicious Snacks Delivered to You
Calendar December 27, 2013 12/27/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

BroBox Holiday Buzz Edition

BroBox sent me this box to review.  BroBox is $14.95 a month  and filled with the coolest products made by awesome brands & expert craftsmen.  BroBox is a cool box for guys that doesn't want fancy products.  BroBox sends products that are just for guys.  This month, the theme is Holiday Buzz.
There are three subscription plans

Single BroBox $14.95 “So you kinda like your Bro but you want to take it slowly”

3 Month Plan “Wingman” $35.00 (Save $5.00) “Your Bro has been there for you through all the B.S. and you want to say thanks.”
6 Month Plan “Best Bro Forever” $72.00 (Save $17.00) “You seriously love your Bro because he’s awesome and makes you feel awesome.
The Package
BroBox ships in a white paper package.  BroBox uses masculine package and doesn't use any fancy tissue paper.
The Box
First Look
 BroBox included a holiday card for me with this month's BroBox.
First Look
 This month's theme was all about caffeine.
Energems Peanut Butter Blast and Mint Fusion
 Each piece has 15 calories, b vitamins and caffeine and they taste really good.
The box came with a disclaimer, letting me know that you should not consume caffeine in large quantities and to follow manufacture's instructions.
Energy Sumseeds Jumbo Seeds Honey BBQ
Beef Perky Jerky
The sunflower seeds are honey BBQ flavored and quite tasty.  They are also packed with protein and caffeine.  The Perky Jerky is flavored with Guarana, a natural stimulant.
Turbo Truffles
These are caffeine- infused gourmet chocolate. Each chocolate has 150 mg of caffeine.   I received 4 flavors: Chocolate Mint Maddness, Cosmic Coconut, Hot Rod Hazelnut, and Toffee Tornado.  There was also a coupon for 10% off your online order of $49.00 or more.
Shower Shock Soap
This is a vegetable-based glycerine soap with caffeine and smells like peppermint.  This will wake you up in the morning.
Spazzstick Caffeinated Lip Balm
This helps prevention and healing of chapped, sunburned, and generally unhappy lips.  C really liked this product and said it moisturized well.
BroBox Ball Maze Pen
This pen would distract me for a long time.  C loved it and is taking it to work for those boring meetings.
The Whole Box
Final Thought: BroBox is a fun box for the guy/bro in your life.   BroBox sends many different products and are a nice guy alternative to all those boxes for women.  If you you are looking for a box for guys, BroBox may be the right one.  To sign up for Bro Box, click HERE.    When you get your first box, you also get a coupon to get your second box for $11.00.
Do you love Giveaways? Click HERE to enter.
Disclaimer: This box was received free for review.  My opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.
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