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Calendar November 16, 2013 11/16/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Plated Review and get FREE Plates

I am not the best cook, and I have been wanting to find a great meal delivery subscription.  I saw an offer from Plated to try two free plates, so I signed up.  Plated is great, because you can signed up for a regular subscription, or you can just buy plates when you want.  You have to buy a minimum of four plates when you order, I chose the skillet lasagna with fall root vegetables.  I decided to get 4 plates of it, since I have a family of four.

The Details:
Cost: Membership $10.00 a month membership fee and plates are $12.00 each (min 4)
          No Membership:  Plates are $15.00 a plate (min 4).
Coupon: Get 2 FREE Plates by clicking HERE
What do I get?  Each box contains all of the fresh & delicious ingredients to create the step-by-step recipe included along with your order. Your meats will be at the bottom of your box, with all the rest of your ingredients inside the labeled green bags.
How do I cancel?  If you have a membership, you can cancel from your account.
When will my plates arrive? It depends on your delivery area.  Click HERE to check your area.
Can I skip a week?  Yes, if you are a member, just select to skip from your account
The Box
The box was shipped by Fed Ex.  It arrived the very next day.  In the tracking email, Plated let me know I would need black pepper, kosher salt and olive oil.
First Look
The box was well packed and was very cold.
Insulated Packing
All the food was well packaged in this foil/insulated bag.
Baby Spinach
All the veggies were bagged and labeled in green fresh bags
Lasagna Noodles
I was really impressed that all my noodles were intact and not broken.
Skillet Lasagna Package
The carrots, cheese, tomatoes, seasoning, garlic onions and parsnips were in green bags too.  I received 2 packages like this, since I ordered 4 plates (1 bag was 2 plates)
Skillet Lasagna Contents
Here is a better picture of everything in the skillet lasagna bags.
Ground Beef
The ground beef was at the very bottom of the bag by the ice packs.  I am very cautious about my meet staying cold.  The meet was ice cold.
Ice Packs
The ice packs in the bottom were still frozen
Recipe Card-Front
The recipe was very easy to follow and gave cooking tips on the front.
Recipe Card-Back
The recipe card listed full detailed instructions on the back.  The instructions were very clearly written and I didn't make any mistakes (Which is big for me)
Plated has partnered with Oxo and have four vegetarian recipes available throughout the month of November
The Meal
The meal was very easy to prepare.  The directions were easy to follow and there weren't any complicated steps.  I made 4 plates instead of 2, so I had to use bigger pans.
The directions called for an oven safe skillet, but I didn't have one.  I modified and this this pan worked okay.  I have never made lasagna, so I was happy that it resembled lasagna.
Skillet Lasagna with Fall Root Vegetables
I really enjoyed this meal.  It was easy to make and it turned out nice.
Final Thought: I really like Plated.  It was affordable and the recipe was great.  The food arrived on time and all the food was very fresh and ripe.  The ice packs were still frozen when I opened the box.  The meat was ice cold.  I felt very confident that the food was safe for my family to eat.  The food quality was a big worry of mine, when I signed up for Plated.  I am so pleased with Plated, I am going to continue to get the subscription.  If you are interested in signing up for Plated, click HERE and you can get 2 plates FREE.
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