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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar November 25, 2013 11/25/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

November Project DIY Joan of Arc

Project DIY sent me the November box for review.  Each month Project DIY sends 2-3 original pieces inspired by the latest trends on the runways and fashion magazines.  You also received step by step instructions to complete the pieces, all for $30.00.  The November box is the Joan of Arc Collection.  I am a big admirer of Joan of Arc and love the looks during that time period.  Several designers have incorporated Joan of Arc themed pieces into their collections this fall.  Chain mail, mixed metals, brass pieces are all incorporated into this month’s Project DIY Box.  This month, Project DIY designed pieces that helps you be tough, while feeling pretty.
The Box
All the materials needed to make the projects are included in the box.  You will need some tools, which you can purchase from Project DIY.  The Starter kit has the 3 tools you need.  It is $20.00, but I have a coupon code that will let you get it Free.  Read on to the end of the post to get the coupon.

Making the Projects
*Note: All the instructions for the projects are found online at http://guides.mjprojectdiy.com/c/Project_DIY or on their app.
Project 1: Warrior Cuff
I was really excited to make this bracelet.  I loved the hard metal combined with a romantic look.  This is totally my style.
Warrior Packet
 The packet includes all the materials needed to make the bracelet.  The packet unfolds to reveal more information about the project.  Project DIY tells you the components included, tools needed, skills you will learn, difficult, and time required.  The warrior cuff was a moderate difficulty and took an estimated 25 minutes to complete.
Project DIY Shield Necklace
I love this necklace.  It goes with the bracelet very nicely and is a very beautiful piece.
All the pieces.  
This project took 25 minutes to complete and was a moderate difficultly.  
The Box
Project DIY always uses large beautiful pictures in their boxes.  You can go on their website, and they will also list what you can pair you jewelry with.
Shield Necklace
 It couldn’t take any pictures during the process, since I had to glue all the pieces on the center piece.  This was petty easy to do.  The gluing was the most difficult part.
Warrior Cuff
Wow, I love this piece.  This turned out great and it was not nearly as difficult as it looks.
Finished Set
Final Thought:  I love Project DIY.  This set was fabulous.  Project DIY really captured Joan of Arc in these pieces.  I wore these pieces out as soon as the glue dried, and I received several complements. The box is well worth the $30.00.  I would pay $30.00 easily for these pieces in a store.  Everyone is always surprised when I tell people where my Project DIY pieces come from.  If you are interested in signing up, click HERE and use the code MJDIY8 to save 40%.  That makes your starter kit free!

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Disclosure: I received the box free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.  
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