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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar November 25, 2013 11/25/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

New Subscription Box: The Fetch Box and Half Price Discount

The Fetch Box is a new “time of the month” subscription box for teens.  The Fetch Box contacted me for a review and I happily said yes.  The Fetch Box sends a combination of 20 tampons and/or pads and 5 liners.  You can also get the variety pack, which sends a variety of brands.  The box is made by a teen for teens.  The Fetch Box was started by a Senior in high school.  Her mother subscribed her to a “time of the month” box but didn’t liked getting cheap hand-made jewelry or tea she would never drink.  She decided to start her own box and is using the funds to help pay for college!  I love you entrepreneurs.  
The Details:
Cost: $13.00 plus $5.00 shipping ($10.00 shipping for Canada)
Coupon: Use the code First Box and get 50% off your first box, including shipping and put “Erin Hamm” in the comment box. 
What’s in the box? You choose the supplies you want.  Any combination of 20 tampons and/or pads, and 5 liners of your choice.  You can also get a variety bundle.  This included a variety of tampon/pad brands.  You also get some comfort food and a health or beauty item.
Website www.thefetchbox.com
Email: TheFetchBox@gmail.com
I was sent the Variety Pack to review
The Box
 The box was shipping in a plain white box.  Teens don’t want a box that screams “It’s that time of the month!”

 Everything was wrapped in pretty hot pink tissue paper and secured with a sticker
Information List
 The Fetch Box included a list of everything in the box.  There was so much stuff packed in this box.
First Look
 Everything was packaged so neatly in little packages. 
Pad, Tampons and Pantyliner.
 This is the variety pack box.  This box included 15 tampons, 5 pads and 5 liners from a variety of brands.  I think this is a fantastic plan.  This gives teens the ability to try a variety of brands and types without having to go down the feminine product isle at the store.  I remember being a teen and I never wanted to be seen in “that” isle, much less, stand there reading different boxes.  Once you or your teen knows what brands/types you want, you can request that specific band/type with The Fetch Box
 The Fetch Box sent 8 different bands/absorbency.  I was sent U Kotex regular, U Kotex super, Tampaz Radient regular, Tampax Pearl Compak Super, Playtex regular, Pearl Active regular, Tampax Pearl Lites, and Tampax Pearl Compak regular.
 Included were Carefree liners, Always liner, and U Kotex thin liners.
Samples: 2 Feminine Hygiene Wipes and a U by Kotex Thong Liner
 The Fetch Box includes a product or two to sample each month.  That way, you or your teen can try product before purchasing.
The Fetch Box included an Always ultra thin slender, a U Kotex long pad, an Always ultra thin regular pad, and a Stayfree maxi regular pad.
The Snacks
All the snacks were wrapped in a cute package.  I was excited to see what was included!
Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics French Vanilla
 This sounds very yummy.  It’s is cold out now (at least here) and hot chocolate sounds great.  I actually hate tea, so I am excited that this box doesn’t have tea.
 I may not be a teen but I love candy.  A Reese’s, Hershey’s and a Twizzler was included
Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Popcorn
 If you read my blog, you know I love popcorn!  This was great tasting and a great addition to the box.
3 No Tug Boutique Hair Ties ($10.00 value)
I love these hair ties and the head bands just like them.  This are fun and perfect for teens.
The Whole Box

 Final Thought: This is a fantastic box for teen and actually, I would subscribe to this box myself.  Teens need a box that is made by a teen herself.  Teens can have the freedom to try new brands/products without the fear of embarrassment.  The Fetch Box was packed with products, snacks and goodies that teens will love.  If you or your teen would like to try The Fetch Box, click HERE and use the code Free Box to save 50% on your first box.

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Disclosure: I received the box free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.  

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