e-sentials 3 Month Giveaway 3 WINNERS

e-Sentials is a new “time of the month” subscription box that sends tampons, pads, deodorant, and razors to your door.  The send you all the basics and leave out all the fluff.  There are three different subscription boxes.  You get 20 tampons and pads for $10.00 a month.  $13.00 a month gets you 20 tampons and pads, plus 3 disposable razors.  Finally, for $16.00, you get an assortment of tampons and pads, 3 disposable razors and deodorant.  I got the opportunity to review e-Sentials and you can read that review HERE.  I enjoyed getting a subscription box where I know I will use everything in the box.  
$16.00 Package
e-Sentials has partnered with the United Box Bloggers and is giving 3 people a 3 month subscription for e-Sentials.  You have triple the chance of winning this time.  

Here are the United Box Bloggers

Disclosure: e-Sentials is responsible for all prize distribution.

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