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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar November 26, 2013 11/26/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Bluum Brush Up and Save 50%

Bluum is $24.95 a month and each month, you get an assortment of goodies from lotions to toys and books for your child.  Bluum curates each box by ages.  Each theme is the same every month for every age, but the products within each box are different from month to month and from box to box.  Bluum can be a bit different but I always like my boxes.  I have heard they can be hard to cancel, so sign up with a re-loadable prepaid card.

This month, the theme was Brush Up for a 21 month old.  This month is about setting a good routine and teaching proper hygiene.  Normally, Bluum sends a card with the month's theme, but Bluum left mine out this month.  You can always log into your account online to see the month's theme, if your box has shipped and you can even write review about the products in your box.  For every product you review, you get 10 points.  Once you get 500 points, you get a free box.
The Box
First Look
Dreambaby 10 Anti Slip Bath Mats $7.99
 These are cute and I like that they are adhesive.  We have a non slip tub, but they are cute to decorate the bath tub.
Hans Blueberry Shampoo $12.20
The Circle of Friends shampoos are tearless, gentile and free of sodium Laurul/Laureth Sulfates.  This is blueberry scented as well.
Each product also features a character around the world.  The shampoo featured Hans.
“Guten Tag! My name is Hans. I live in a country that, until recently, was divided into East and West by the Berlin Wall. On the first day of school all the kids get their very own Schultuete – a big cone filled with candy, school supplies and chocolate! My big brother, Clemens, and I play soccer together on our school’s team. He is a goalie, but I prefer scoring, so I’m a forward. In the Fall, we have Oktoberfest. It is a big festival with carnivals, parades, dancing, Oom Pah Pah music and lots of good things to eat like Bratwurst (fried sausage) and Knödel (dumplings)! Do you know where I live?”
Peter Rabbit Organics Kale, Broccoli and Mango $1.70
 My son has never met a pouch he doesn't like, so he will love this.
Plantlife Soft Cotton Bathing Scrubby $4.50
 This is made with soft cotton and hemp.  It has a hanger to hang up in the shower.   This is a cute duck and the boys loved it.
Dreambaby Bath Toy Bag $4.99
 This is a great bath bag.  It is holding some bath toys right now.  We accumulate bath toys quickly, so it's good to have more storage.
Coupons and Ads
There was advertisements for Stider bikes (Bluum has a giveaway for one), Happy Family, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad and Circle of Friends.  There was also a 20% off coupon for Circle of Friends and End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad.
Bluum Holiday Greeting
Bluum sent a nice holiday greeting with the boxes this month's box.
The Whole Box

 Final Thought:  The total value on this box was $31.38.  This wasn't my favorite Bluum box but T used all of the products this month.  We always use the item from our Bluum boxes.  This month, the shampoo, pouch and toy bag were our favorite items.  If you are interested in getting Bluum, click HERE and get 50% on your first box.

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