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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar November 14, 2013 11/14/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Appleseed Lane November Review and Discount

Appleseed Lane is a new subscription box company for children 4-10.  Appleseed Lane graciously gave me a box to review.  Appleseed Lane's boxes are filled with 3-5 Science and Math projects.  The subscription is $23.00 a month and the box is packed with activities.  When the box arrived, I was really excited to do it with L (age 4).  L loves Science and I knew he would have a blast doing it.
The Details:
Cost: 1 Month:  $23.00 a month
          6 Months: $21.00 a month
        12 Months: $19.00 a month
Coupon: Use the code FRIEND10 and put my name in the comments (Erin Hamm) to save $10.00 on your subscription.

What's in the box:  Every month, your child will get a box full of goodies to make 3-5 Science and Math projects.  Every month has a unique theme and there is a book that comes with the box too.  The book is filled with activities and illustrations to go with the theme.  Your child will also get a chart and badge.  As your child continues to get the box, your child will get more badges.
When am I billed?  You are charged when you sign up and then again the 20th of each month.
When do I get my box?  Boxes are shipped at the end of the month.  The box should arrive between the 5th and 10th of the month
How do I cancel?   Email info@appleseedlane.com by the 20th of the month to cancel.
This month's theme “Crime Scene Science”
The Box
The box is so cute with the tree and apple.  I couldn't wait to see what was inside.
Information Card
There were four projects: Invisible Ink, Muddy Tracks, Hidden Colors and Sticky Fingers.
Project Instructions
All the project instructs were written with colorful illustrations on the back.  The directions were very easy to follow.
Badge and Chart
Every month, you child get a new badge to add to their chart.  L was so excited to put his badge on his chart.  It is proudly hanging on the refrigerator.  
You can't be a private detective without a mustache.  L's daddy has a mustache, so L was excited to wear this.  The purpose behind this box, was to find out who of Professor Caterpillar's family members, took the last cookie from the cookie jar.  Each experiment and activity, brought you (your child) closer to the answer.
Invisible Ink
Invisible Ink in Action
L loved the the light that made the message appear.  It was the first clue. 
Narrowing it Down
L loved narrowing down the suspects.  
Muddy Tracks
Muddy Tracks Activity
This was the hardest of the activities.  L helped combine all the ingredients to make the red dough.  L was very curious about what we were making.  Once the dough cooled, L put his hand int he dough.  We made the plaster and poured it in.  It had to sit for at least 30 mins, but we left it over night.
Finished Hand
L's hand turned out great and then L colored it.  L is not a huge fan of coloring, so he went with the minimalist approach.
Hidden Colors
Hidden Colors Activity
This activity taught L about chromatography.  Chromatography is the scientific way of separating mixtures to see what they are made of.
The Colors
L had to determine which person didn't match.  This was a great practice with L and his letters
Sticky Fingers Kit
Narrowing it Down
This was L's favorite activity.  L made copies of his finger prints and put them on the card.  Then he used the magnifying class to look at them closer.  He also used the magnifying glass, to find who stole the cookie!
Finished Project
The Whole Box

Final Thought:  L loved this box.  This box had so many activities, that it kept my son busy for a long time.  Appleseed Lane is one of the few boxes that offers Science projects for kids.  My son loves Science, and I am so glad I found a box that helps flourish his interests.  This box took my son and I several hours to complete, and my son loved every minute.  I loved the my son had a blast with all the activities and I enjoyed seeing my son learn new things.  Appleseed Lane is a great value at $23.00 and you can save even more.  Just use the code FRIEND10 and put my name (Erin Hamm) in the order comments section (It will be the page you put your address in).  You can click HERE to order.

Disclosure:  I received the box free for review.  I was not compensated for my review and my opinions are completely my own.  This post contains affiliate codes.

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