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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar October 28, 2013 10/28/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 3 Comments 3

Yankee Hollow Review and 3 Month Giveaway

I really love cheese and I was so excited when I saw a new subscription box for cheese, Yankee Hollow.  Yankee Hollow sent me a box to review, and I couldn’t wait to dig in.   I live in a rural area and we don’t have many gourmet cheeses in the area.  I have seen some gourmet cheese sections in grocery stores, but I never knew what to pick.  Yankee Hollow doesn’t send you regular cheese from the grocery store.  Each month Yankee Hollow sends you an assortment of artisanal cheeses along with information about that cheese.  You get tasting notes and tips on beer and wine to pair with your cheese.

The Details:
Cost: $35.00 a month
Whats in the box? “Each month, you’ll get 1-2 lbs of cheese. The hope is that you’ll love them all, of course…but this is a way to try new cheeses you’ve many never had! The weight of cheese is broken down into 2-4 different types. Usually you’ll get 3.”
When am I billed?  10th of the month for monthly customers, every 3 months for the 3 month subscriptions and the same with yearly subscriptions.
When does the box ship? Go HERE to see the full shipping schedule through Sept 2014
Cancel policy?  You must cancel by the 10th of the month.
Twitter: @YankeeHollow
Yankee Hollow Box
First Look
There was an ice pack at the bottom and two sheets of insulation padding.  The cheese was wrapped in brown paper with some straw filling.  The cheese was nice and cool.  The box was sent 2 day priority and two hours after the box was opened, the packing was still cool
Information Cards
Each cheese comes with a colorful card that tells about each cheese
Information Card-Back
I loved how detailed the information cards.  The tasting notes were so descriptive and fit each cheese perfectly.  There was also suggestions for beer and wine pairings.  I am including the tasting notes with each cheese.
Edelweiss Raw Milk Grassfed Gouda Twice Bake Squash
This sounds interesting and I might try it.
Traditional Abergele 8 ozs
Tasting Notes: “This Welch cheese is very well-rounded. Your first bite is a little spicy, and then gets nutty. The finish is sweet and mellow, with a slight tang.  The texture is not too tacky, yet it still melts nicely.  You’ll notice this cheese is a fun one to move around in your mouth to see what your taste buds pick up.   The sides of your tongue will be able to taste the cheddaring of the cheese, as it is in the cheddar family.  The tip of the tongue is where you get the spice (which can be increased by biting into a spicy piece of charcuterie right before”
This sounded a bit weird and I didn’t know if I would like it.  I really did enjoy this cheese.  The description is very accurate.  I ate this cheese by itself and it tasted great.  I tried to find it online, but I was unable to find it.  These cheese is made at Specialty Harmony Dairy in Stratford, WI.
Salted Bourbon Caramels $2.00
These taste just like Bourbon Caramels.  I am not a fan of Bourbon, so I really didn’t like these.
Red Rock Cellar Aged Cheddar Blue $6.90
Tasting Notes “It starts out sweet, fresh and cheddar.  The sweetness turn into a delicious creamy candy caramel flavor…before, depending on the piece you’ve bitten into, you’re slapped in the face with the blue molding.  Before you’ve finished, you’ve not even sure what just happened… you just know you liked it.  It’s like a funhouse of cheese.  A very, very fun house.”
Oh wow, this is fantastic cheese.  I don’t like blue cheese, so the blue part of this made me nervous.  I tasted it and it was fantastic.  It is a harder cheese with a strong cheddar taste with added blue flavor.  I am going to buy more of this.  This cheese is made at Roelli Cheese Haus, in Shullsburg, WI
Edelweiss Creamery Raw Milk Gouda
Tasting Notes “This semi-soft version is creamy and buttery, yet quite tangy.  The cheese is slightly sweet like other gouda varieties – at least that’s how it starts.  The sweetness moves to buttery, which changes to a tangy flavor.  “Swish” it around in your mouth.. can you taste the grass? We thought so.  At this point, you’ll almost feel as though the cheese tastes bitter.. but in a good way!  As you’ve devoured almost the entire piece..hints of nut and molasses linger.”
This was the most unusual cheese of the bunch.  This cheese was soft but had an interesting taste.
The Whole Box

Final Thought:   Wow, I really love this box.  The cheese was fantastic.  I can be a picky eater, but these cheese were so good.  My husband really enjoyed this cheese and thought it was really good with some salami.  I am getting more of the Red Rock Cheddar, once I eat all of it.  If you would love to try Yankee Hollow (You should!), go to www.yankeehollow.com.  Yankee Hollow has also agreed  to give 1 lucky reader a 3 month subscription.    If you would like to enter to win, just click below!

Disclosure: Yankee Hollow is responsible for price distribution.  I received the box free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.

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3 Comment(s)

  1. Pamlea, July 3, 2014:

    Sad to say, we paid for one of these subscriptions ($95) and received nothing in return. I sent multiple emails asking for product – several days later there was always some excuse. Then I asked for a refund and received no response at all. I see the website is now down. What a disappointment. I thought this was such a great idea. I will be careful about working with brand new businesses online from now on.

  2. Melissa Ciener, October 23, 2014:

    I signed up for the Yankee Hollow box and after they took my money, they disappeared off the face of the planet. I wonder how many other people they robbed.

  3. Subscription Box Mom, October 27, 2014:

    That is terrible. I hate when boxes do that. One bad box can ruin the whole bunch. :(