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Calendar October 31, 2013 10/31/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Treats and Trends Review and Discount

I was excited when Treats and Trends sent me a box to review.  Trends and Trends is a subscription box for pets and their owners.  Trends and Trends has boxes for dogs, cats, and a mixed box for dogs and cats.  They also included items in the box for YOU!  I think this is really original and a cute idea.  Treats and Trends also gives 10% back to rescue shelters.  I love it when companies give back.  Oliver and I were sent the cat box to review.  Let me tell you, this cat is 8 years old, but went nuts when he smelled the box (in a good way).

The Details:
Cost and Plans:  Cat or Dog Box
                          1 month:    $34.95
                          3 months:  $29.95 a box
                          6 months:  $27.49 a box
                        12 months: $23.74 a box
                         Mixed Box: Cat and Dog
                          1 month:    $39.95
                          3 months:  $31.65 a box
                          6 months:  $27.49 a box
                        12 months: $24.99 a box
Coupon:  Use the code Save15 to save 15% on a 3 month subscription or more (Expires Nov 5th)
Plans: You can choose between cat, dog or mixed boxes.
What's in the box:  You get 4-7 items for your pet every month, plus gifts for your too
Shipping:  Free but $5.95 for Canada
When am I billed:  You are billed when you order.  There is no reoccurring payments.
Oliver and I were sent a cat box to review
Treats and Trends Box
The box arrived by priority mail and was in good shape.  I like that they put handle with care
First Look
I love the Halloween theme
First Look under the tissue paper
West Paw Designs Bat $8.00
Imperial Cat Cat ‘n Around Ghost $6.00
Both of these toys are super cute for Halloween and filled with catnip.  Oliver loves catnip, what cat doesn't?

Mouthfuls Inc 3 Bathed Mice $6.00
Oliver must have smelled the catnip in the box.  He jumped on the table with the box, as soon as I got it from the front porch.  Oliver went crazy when I gave him one.  A warning: these look very realistic but they are fake.  If you don't like mice, these might give you a fright.
Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Grain Free Cat Treats $3.95
Oliver really likes these.  He has a sensitive system, but these don't make him sick.  This is 100% grain free and gluten free.
Stuffield Suds Scents and Sundies “Cupid's Kiss” $12.00
This smells great. It has a very mild scent, maybe vanilla with some floral notes?  I am not sure.  If you notice, the wick is different than most wicks.  They use 100% organic wood wicks to keep a pure scent and prevent yucky black soot.  
Suffield Suds Scents and Sundies “Pumpkin Swirl” Bath Bar $4.00
This is fragrance free, dye free and all natural.  The ingredients sound like a yummy recipe: purred pumpkin, fresh ground cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.  There is also a natural blend of saponofied Palm, Soybean, Olive and Castor oils.  This doesn't have a strong smell and left my hands feeling smooth and clean.
Stick It Vinyl Nail Stickers pack of 20 $1.99
I love these.  I have a nail polish addiction and don't have any nail stickers.  These arrive just in time for Halloween.
Note for Oliver and I
Treats and Trends sent me a note thanking me for the review and gave me a coupon to share!  See below for the coupon.
The Whole Box
What did Oliver think?
Since this is a cat box, it's important for Oliver to give his option.  Of course, Oliver can't talk, but his actions spoke volumes.  Oliver is 8 years old and a bit of a lazy cat.  As soon as I got the box from the door step, Oliver followed me.  I gave him one of the bathed mice and he loved it.  He rolled on it. played with it, ran around the house with it, and I believe ate it.  Also, apparently last night, Oliver want another mouse.  He went downstairs and attacked my box, looking for more treats!  I am glad I took pictures when I did!
Rubbing his head on the mouse
Playing with the mouse

Final Thought:  The total value for this box was $41.04 and the purchase price would have been $34.95 at most.  Treats and Trends also has an online store.  You can purchase all the items from the box there.  I linked my review to the manufacturers website for most of the items, but Treats and Trends were right with price.  Oliver received 4 items and I received 3.  Oliver loved all his treats and I was amazed how excited he was about the box, before I even opened it.  Oliver usually just stares at me when I try to play with him, but Oliver when nuts for this box.  Oliver and I give Treats and Trends, 2 thumbs, and 2 paws up.  If you want to try Treats and Trends (remember you can buy just one box without having to cancel), click HERE and use the code Save15 to save 15% on a 3 month or more subscription.

                               Do you love giveaways?  Click HERE and see all my current giveaways. 

Disclosure: I received the box free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.  This post contains affiliate links.

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