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Calendar October 10, 2013 10/10/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

The Fantasy Box Review and Discount Code

*This review is an adult subscription box.  This review contains mature themes.
The Fantasy Box is an adult subscription service, designed to give your intimate relationship a little kick.  When The Fantasy Box asked me to review their subscription, I couldn't say yes fast enough.  I am a happy married woman of 10 years, and I am always up for taking time to be with my husband C.  This is not a box of sex toys, although the Fantasy Box includes some cool stuff.  The Fantasy Box is about a “choreographed” experience with instructions on how to make it happen.  The Fantasy Box sends a box of  directions and various items, some intimate, some not, designed around a certain theme.  Each box explores a fantasy.  Sometimes the focus will be the women, sometimes the man.  Each month is different and each box is designed to bring your and your partner closer together.  No two months are the same, but everyone gets the same intro box.  The intro box (the one I am reviewing), focuses around communication with your partner.

The Details
How Does It Work? When you sign up, you fill out for the women, her size (S-4X), date of birth, bra size, and cup size.  The man fills out his size (S-2X) and date of birth.  You also select monthly or every other month for the frequency of boxes.
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Subscriptions and Cost:
When am I billed: The 1st of the month
How do I cancel? You can cancel from your account.  You can also switch plans, or frequencies.  You must cancel before the last day of the month, to avoid being charged for the next month.
I reviewed The Fantasy Box ($59.00)-Intro Box
The box ships in a plain brown box.
When my box came, I had no idea what it was.  I like to keep my intimate matters private, so I like there is a giant Fantasy Box sticker on the box.
The box
The box is beautiful.  This is the best actual box, of any subscription box I have received.  The box is made very sturdy.  The front lifts out, open and has a magnetic closure.
Side of the box
I love the details on the side of the box.  All the little pictures are very cute.   I am going to reuse this box and store my “intimate” items.
First Look
Welcome to The Fantasy Box

Under the brochures, there was a white welcome card and 2 cards that say Leader and Follower.  You read the welcome note first.  It goes into detail about the instructions for the box and what you need to do.

The Directions
The directions are in two parts: Part 1: Let's Talk About Sex and Part 2: Leader & Follower.  Each sections goes into detail about what you need to do. (keep reading for more details)
For Him/For Her
The intro box is all about communication.  The top brochures are a survey for you and your spouse.  There are 20 questions, and each survey is the same.  The first task, is to fill out the survey and discuss over a romantic dinner (maybe over desert).  C and I discussed them after the children went to bed.  It is hard to get a night away, so we work with what we have.  The questions are very specific.  Some of the questions are: the best way to build anticipation is to:  (select an answer), I am turned on by (select an answer).  After 10 years of marriage, I was surprised to learn new things about C.  How often do you really sit down and talk with your partner about your sexual preferences?  After 10 years, we really hadn't discuss that in many years.
Leader and Follower Cards
Each Leader and Follower card has instructions on the back.  Each person picks what role they are going to be.  You don't get to see what the other person's directions are, that is part of the fun.  I am not going to share what the instructions of either card are, because that would ruin the fun!
The Goods
There are so many things in this box, it took me a bit to get to the actual items.  Everything was wrapped and placed very nicely in the box.  I love pink and black together.
Sex and Mischief Satin Black Blindfold $5.99
What is a good fantasy without a blindfold?  There are two elastic bands on the back, so it won't slip off your head.  Note: I am not an expert on this, just an observation.
Pipedream Le Reve Ribbed Vibrator $17.08
It is hot pink, which I love.  It has 3 speeds, and comes with batteries. Did I mention it is waterproof?  We all know what this is for, so I will move on.
Hot Pink Warming Lubricant for Women $9.00
This lubricant has warming properties, non drying, and glycerin free.  It is also in a cute pink and white bottle
Dona Massage Candle $8.97
The can says it is an “aphrodisiac infused ritual”.  It has a really nice smell that is hard to describe. It is a soy candle that is paraban free, cruelty free, natural and petro. deriv. free.
Electric Lingerie Babydoll Dress and Thong $25.00
This is a very flattering babydoll dress.  It is one size, but I think it would look great, on many different sizes.  It is super soft too.
The Whole Box

Final Thought: The total value for this box was $66.04.  This is a great box value, as half the fun is the cards and survey!  This box costs $59.00 by subscription.  I will spare you the details, but this is a fun box.  The Fantasy Box really put thought into making this box: from the communication exercise, to the directions, to the items in the box.  Again, this is so much more than a box of sex toys.  It will bring you and your partner closer together, and you will have a deeper understanding of your partner's likes/dislikes.  What do you think of The Fantasy Box? If you are interested in trying The Fantasy Box, click HERE, and use the code SBM2013 to save 20% on your subscription!

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Disclosure: This box was received free for review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.   This post contains affiliate links.
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