October Me Undies Review

I really enjoy my Me Undies subscription.  I love their underwear.  They are a bit pricey ($16.00), but they feel and fit amazing.  Me Undies carries underwear, t-shirts and socks for men and women.  They have different price points, so check them out if you are interested.  You can pick the color underwear you want, or get the color of the month.  I chose to pick my color.  

The Package
I received the grey pair of underwear, a condom (these are in all my packages), a thank you card and an ad from Me Undies.  
Final Thought: I really like this subscription.  I don’t pay $16.00 underwear normally, but these are great pairs of underwear.  I also like that you can skip or pause your subscription each month (only during the first 5 days of the month).  I am going to get this subscription for awhile.  To subscribe or check out Me Undies, click the picture below.  
MeUndies - Feels like a Million Bucks

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