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Calendar October 19, 2013 10/19/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

October Kiwi Crate Glowing Animals + Holiday Crates and 2 Discount Codes

My son always gets excited when he sees the Kiwi Crate box.  This month's theme was Glowing Animals.  Kiwi Crate packs so much fun stuff in one box, I don't know how they only charge $19.95 a month.  L was so excited to get his Kiwi Crate, he did all the projects in one day.  If you are new to Kiwi Crate, you can use this link to save $10.00 on your first box.
First Look
There is always an information card on top, that tells you what projects are in the box.  This month, there was my glowing friend and my racing jellyfish.
Cut Outs
The back of the information card has cut outs your child can color and use to play with the inside of the box. 
Inside the box
Kiwi Crate always has a picture in the bottom of the boxes, that you child can use to play with their cut outs.
Explore Magazine and Holiday Kits


Holiday Crates
There are four new holiday crates.  Click HERE and use the code GIVEJOY to save $5.00 on your single crate purchase.  The crates are:
-Turkey place cards
-Turkey Toss Game
-DIY Menorah
-Dreidel Spin Art
-Folding Ornaments
-Little Tree
-Paint Swirl Ornaments 
-Gingerbread House
Second Look
Explore Magazine
Kiwi Crate includes a magazine in every box now.  It is filled with activities and learning opportunities for your child.
My Glowing Firefly 
There was a bonus activity in the Explore magazine, to make a glowing firefly
My Firefly Paint Jar
There was another project idea in the Explore magazine, to make a firefly paint jar.  This looks really fun.
My Glowworm Friend
The first project was my glowworm friend.  It was low on parental involvement and low on the messiness scale.  Your child make a little glowworm friend, that really glows.
L enjoyed stuffing the glowworm.  It was really easy too.
Kiwi Crate included 3 markers to decorate the glowworm
L names his glowworm Cesar.  He slept with him last night too.  Great Craft
My Racing Jellyfish
You child makes 2 jelly fish that can race against each other.  This had low messiness and medium parent involvement.  
Sample Instructions
The jelly fish racers were a bit hard to do, but L stuck with it and had fun.
To race, each person pulls the strings away from each other, and the jelly fish goes up.  The person who gets to the top first wins.  L won 3 out of 4 races (Fair and Square)
Jelly Fish Racers
Glow Bug
The Whole Box
Finished Projects

Final Thought: There were 3 projects with materials in this months box, plus directions for a 4th project.  L loved making the projects this month, as usual.  L slept with his glowworm, and has been playing with it all day today.  The racing jelly fish are very fun too.  If you want to try Kiwi Crate, click HERE to save $10.00 on your first box.  Click HERE and use the code GIVEJOY to save $5.00 on your single crate purchase. 

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