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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
NatureBox - Delicious Snacks Delivered to You
Calendar October 16, 2013 10/16/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Mexican Candy Box Review

Mexican Candy Box

Mexican Candy Box sends out a selection of candy and snacks from Mexico.  Mexican Candy Box send an assortment of spicy and sweet candy from Mexico.  Each box has an 8-10 different types of candies in the box.  You can choose to get the Spicy and Sweet Box, just a Sweet Box or just a Spicy Box.  I love candy and was excited to review this box.  My husband C, helped me taste all the goodies.
Cost and Subscriptions: 
You can order single boxes or get a monthly subscription
There are 3 different sizes: Solo, Amiga (Friend) and Familia (Family)
Solo boxes are $12.00 a month
Amiga boxes are $15.00 a month
Familia boxes are $20.00 a month.
There are 3 different kinds of boxes: Spicy and Sweet, Sweet, and Spicy
The Sweet Box- filled with a surprise selection of 4 to 5 different kinds of spicy candy chosen for the month.
The Spicy Box filled with a surprise selection of 4 to 5 different kinds of spicy candy chosen for the month.
The Spicy and Sweet filled with a surprise selection of 8 to 10 different kinds of candy chosen for the month.

When am I billed? You must order by the 1st of the month, to get that month's box.  You are billed the day or order, and the same day every month there after.

When do the boxes ship? They ship on the 10th of the month

The Box
I love this box.  It is cute, small and was packed with candy.  I love the pink and white tape too.
First Look
I love all the pink tissue paper this month.  On top was a small card with all the candies inside.
All the Candy
The list included all the candy in the box.  The candy in pink was sweet and the candy in green was spicy.
Rikos Kikos
This is a really tasty cherry lollipop.  I love hard candy and I wish I had more of these.
Coctel de Frutas
This is a pineapple mango lollipop with chili.  I like the idea of pineapple and mango.  The chili sounds interesting.   
This is a fruit yogurt flavored lollipop with chili.  C and I were not a fan of this one.
Pelon Mini
This is Tamarind, which is a tropical plant that produces fruit.  L wanted this, so I let him try it.  I ate a bit of it, but wasn't a fan.
Las Sevillanas Mini Oblea
This is water with goat milk caramel.  C thought this was okay.
Tomy Ricos Besos
This is chocolate flavored Toffee.  C and I both liked this.
Motitos Gum
This is gum in fruit, grape and banana flavored.  C and I loved this too.
This is Tamarind gummy with chili.  C and I did not enjoy this one.
Cremino Blanco
This is a milk, cocoa, and hazelnut praline.  This was very tasty.
Mexican Candy Box Ad
The Whole Box

Final Thought:  I really liked this box.  There was a large assortment of candy for the price.  This is the smallest box.  I can't imagine how much candy the bigger boxes have.  I love the gum and the cherry lollipop.  C loved the Tomy Ricos Besos and the Las Sevillanas Mini Oblea.  I think the $12.00 is a good price for this box.  I don't have the ability to get items like this close to me.  I hope Mexican Candy Box opens an online store in the future, I would love to buy more of my favorite candies.  If you are interested in signing up, go to www.mexicancandybox.com.

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Disclosure: This box was received free for review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way. 

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