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Calendar October 24, 2013 10/24/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Ashton Kutcher A+ Fancy Box October Review and Discount

There are many boxes that come in my box, but my husband only gets one, the Ashton Kutcher A+ Fancy Box.  The Ashton Kutcher Fancy A+ Box is $39.00 a month plus $7.95 shipping.  

First Look into the box
 Fancy changed up their packing material this month.  It used to be brown paper, now there is Fancy paper.
Native Union Monocle Speaker $60.00 
 This is a speaker, headset and speakerphone.  My husband loves this thing.  The speaker quality isn't the greatest, but C had a blast playing with it.  He is taking this to work for our “conference calls”.  My husband loves techie gadgets like this.
Ashton Says: “Talk about efficiency at its finest.  This speaker, handset and speakerphone combination is a terrific triple threat.”
The Gentlemen's Deck by Frausto & Co $15.95
This is a deck of cards with tips on how to be a proper gentleman.  You can learn to tie a proper Windsor knot, or the proper way to taste whiskey.  C also loved this and has been reading the cards all evening.
Ashton Says “Halloween is a month for disguises.  Use these cards to help master yours”.
Hey Handsome mirror sticker $5.00
You can stick this on your mirror and be reminded how handsome you are.  C doesn't love this but is going to put it on something in his office.  
Ashton Says: “This mirror art will give you the boost you need to kick you day off right”
Purple and White Pocket Square $40.00
C wears jeans and a t shirt to work, so he won't use this much.  It is a very nice pocket square though.  This may be a gift for a trendy relative.
Ashton Says “This pocket square adds the perfect hint of Halloween flair”.
Information Cards
 Fancy always includes a card for every item in the box.  On the back, is a message from Ashton, on why he picked the item.
Whole Box
Final Thought: This month's box had a total value of $120.95.  My husband loves the Monocle and the card deck.  The Ashton Kutcher A+ Fancy box is filled with many unique items, that you wouldn't find regularly.   If you are interested in signing up for The Ashton Kutcher A+ Box or any Fancy box, click HERE.  Use the code FOLLOWUP10 to save 10% on your first box.
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