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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar October 2, 2013 10/02/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

3 Totally Unique Subscriptions

 I love finding new and unique subscription boxes.  I have found three totally unique subscription boxes.

1.  Put This On Gentlemen's Association $45.00 every 2 months.  Every other month, you get a pocket square, that is hand made in Los Angeles.  Each piece of fabric is picked out by Jesse Thorn (from Put This On)
2.  She Hit Pause Studios $25.00 a quarter.  Each quarter you get a 4×5 signed Poloroid that has been transferred and matted on a 8×10. 
3.  Pen Pop Press Subscription $15.00 a month.  Each month you will get one vintage magazine and envelope of ephemera containing related photos, postcards, and pamphlets and a brief newsletter from Pen Pop Press.  Each month will get a magazine from the month of September, but it may be from 1974 or 1954.  

There are 3 subscriptions:
Kooky Aunt-Magazines geared toward women
Cranky Uncle-Magazines geared toward men.
Digital Digestan online version of the best of that month's articles, ads, and graphics 
What do you think?  Pen Pop Press looks kinda cool.  Do you know of another totally unique subscription box?

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