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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar September 13, 2013 09/13/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Whimseybox Review and $5.00 Coupon

Whimseybox is a craft subscription box that sends a complete craft, with all the supplies needed, for $15.00 a month.  Every month, Whimseybox sends project instructions, DIY supplies, a reusable storage box,  and an original 5×7 original art print each month.  Whimseybox's slogan is “Stop pinning, start making”.  If are on Pinterest, you know how addicting it can be.  I personally have 928 pins on Pinterest.  How many projects have I actually completed?  I have maybe completed 5 -10 projects from Pinterest.  I was excited to see a company that sends you everything you need for a project, right to your house.  

This is how the box ships
The box ships by USPS and comes in this blue box. 
The Main Box
This is the main box that contains all the craft materials.  It is a nice sturdy box that is meant to be reused.
First Look
I loved my first look.  The ribbon was so beautiful, I had to wait a day or two to open the box.  I couldn't bear to untie the ribbon.
The Card
This is the art card for this month.  I love this print!  I am going to put it in my window when the snow hits and I am craving winter.
The Directions
The project this month was a DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet.  Project DIY included everything you need to make 2 double wrap bracelets.  
The Box Contents
The contents part 1

Whimseybox sent 2 stickers “Stop Pinning, Start Making, 2 buttons, 2 stickers to personalize, a coupon, and a card with the needle attached (see next photo)

Contents part 2: All supplies included
Whimseybox included every supply you will need for the project: string, clamps, pencils, ruler, needle, beads, clipboard, glue and rope for the bracelets.  The pencils are very cute and they have little sayings on them; “stop pinning, start making”, “DIY 4 Life” and “Makers Gonna Make”.
First Step
The directions are super simple to follow. There are pictures to coordinate with each step.
Bracelet under way
I added a few extra stitches in the beginning, but soon found my grove.  
This is the finished piece!  I just just one bracelet instead of the double.  It turned out great.  I am going to make the yellow into a double bracelet and then do another single with the teal.  I broke my needle (my fault), so I will post another picture when I complete the yellow one.
Final Thought:  I love crafting.  I used to scrapbook all the time and craft all the time.  It is harder to find the time to do it now with two children.  I love the Whimseybox sends all the materials to make 2 bracelets.  It was fast and simple to make.  I did it during nap time!  This is a great subscription if you love crafting.  It is also great if you want to craft, but need help with the steps.  Everything is easy to follow and clearly printed out.

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Disclosure: :I received this free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. This post contains affiliate links.  I get rewards for people using my referral link

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