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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar September 22, 2013 09/22/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

UBOX Subscription Review for College Students and Coupon

I have relatives in college, so I was excited when UBOX sent me a box to review.  UBOX is a new subscription box for college students and is $35.00 a month.  UBOX send a box full of useful items for colleges students.  UBOX strives to feature products that are college start ups, socially responsible, or innovative (or cool).  If you want to subscribe, go to www.ubox4u.com and use the code SCHOOLISCOOL to save $5.00.

UBOX includes a mix of products from the following categories:
                      a.  Home Away from Home-Stuff for your dorm room
                      b.  Me, Myself and Items-Self improvement items or items you can use by yourself
                      c.  School is Cool-School related stuff
                      d.  For the Techie in You-New or cool gadgets
                      e.  Care to Share?-Things you can do or share with your friends
                      f.  Awesome Snacks-Food!

*A note about retail prices.  I use Amazon or the manufacturer's website to obtain all prices.  If I am unable to find them through these sources, I do a upc code look up to find the product.
The Box
This is how the box looks
First Look
Information Card/Syllabus
The information card is very unique.  The front side looks like a regular class syllabus.  There  is contact information, office hours, prerequisites, this month's theme, areas covered and extra credit.
I love how the company shares there information in such a unique way.
The Back-Item List
The back has a list of all the items in the box. The first 3 items on the syllabus were electronics.  I only got 1 of them, so I contacted the company.  The company only sent out 1 of the 3.  UBOX said they will make the packing lists more clear in the future. I love when I company uses feedback to improve.  Good customer service is hard to find.
Second Look
There were lots of items in the box.
Agenda Planner by Greenbrier International (Dollar Tree) $6.49
This is a must have product for college students.  There are nice wide spaces to write assignments.  This would be a great gift for a college student.
Downey Wrinkle Releaser $3.04
My ironing method of choice is the dryer.  In college, the dryer is not a feasible choice to de-wrinkle clothes.  This is the perfect replacement!  Of course there is that thing called an iron, but who wants to do that?  This is perfect for a college student.
Colgate Wisp 4 count $6.29
For those times where you have bad breath or just sleeping over at a friends place, these are perfect to have in your bag.
Poprocks Cherry $1.18
Poprocks take me back to my childhood.  Who hasn't tried Poprocks and Coke?  If you haven't, you're missing out on a fun experience.
Starbucks VIA Mocha Coffee-Sample
This is great when you have put too many hours in the library, or that party.  Pop this in the microwave and get to your 8am class!  This expires Nov 2013, so it must be used quickly.
Stylus Pen: 2 in 1 Greenbrier International (Dollar Tree) $2.25
This stylus works on iphones and ipads.  It is also a pen.  Just don't get confused and write on your ipad.  EEK!
Orville Redenbacher's Single Serve Mini Bag .40 cents ($3.98 for 10 bags)
Who doesn't love popcorn? This a great late night snack.  Well, I suppose some people don't love it.  If you don't like popcorn, share with a friend.
Febreze Sleep Serenity  $3.79
Is your roommate's clothes stinking up your room?  Before throwing the clothes out, stick this nearby and have a peaceful night's sleep.
Dove Sensitive Skin -Sample
This should be put with the wisps.  When you spend the night at a friend's house, from that late night studying, bring this along so you don't smell the next morning.
Moldex Pura-Fit Ear Plugs ( 2 qty)-$2.00
Does your roommate snore?  Someone making noise while you study?  Use these so you get some peace and quiet.
Now & Later .49 cent
This also bring me back to my childhood.  These wonderful candies last forever.  They are great in the boring class.  Note: You might want to use a toothbrush afterwards, these are cavities waiting to happen.
More candy!  Fun!  This is a mystery flavor.  I love the chewy goodness of Air Heads
Car and Driver Multi Functioning Charger: $10.99 (based on similar item)
This charger works in the car and in your dorm.  Perfect for keeping your cell phone able to text!
Collapsible Storage Container by Greenbrier International (Dollar Tree) $1.00
Dorm rooms are not spacious. This is great for storing stuff and a staple for your dorm room.

The Box

Final Thought:  The total value for this box was $38.21.  Since the cost of the box was $35.00, the box is worth the value, plus you don't have to pay to ship it.  I recently had to ship a box, and I had to pay $20.00 shipping.  I was a bit disappointed in the box though.  Some of the items didn't feel as nice as I would expect. I wish the coffee didn't expire so soon.  I felt that the box was missing that one amazing item to bring the value higher.  A cool t-shirt or cool gadget would be fun in this box!  I did feel all the items in the box were useful and appropriate for a college student.If you want to subscribe, go to www.ubox4u.com and use the code SCHOOLISCOOL to save $5.00.

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Disclaimer:  I received the box free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.

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