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Calendar September 10, 2013 09/10/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

StrideBox Review: September

I have fallen off the running band wagon lately.  I have decided to do a 5 mile run in Nov, to keep my motivation.  I really love running outside, but have been using a treadmill in the 90 degree heat.  I am looking forward to the cool fall weather!  I got my Stridebox shipping notice and it reminded me keep running.   Stridebox is a running subscription box filled with gear, accessories, and nutritional products every month for $15.00.

The Box
First Look
The Information Card
Happy Squeeze COCO Orange Mango $3.53 for 2
I am familiar with Happy Family because they make pouches for babies.  I didn't know Happy Family made pouches for adults.  These are made with coconut milk and in the flavor Orange Mango.  Since they are 100% organic, I will give these to my 18 month old.  He loves pouch food and I hate coconut.
Eboost-Natural Energy Booster $1.40
This is a drink tablet that has green tea, vitamins and super nutrients
AeroShot Energy-Air based energy shot $2.99
This is a powder that is loaded with b vitamins and caffeine.  This came in green apple
Fuel 100 Electro Bites Salty Vinegar $2.20
There is a typo on the card (the card said salty vanilla).  This sounds
interesting as I love salty food.
Stridebox Runners' Training Log $5.59
This is a training log that you can log 12 weeks of training.  There is also a race tracker,
Now-A3 Bar Honey Graham Smores $2.20
 A Smore for a running treat?  YES PLEASE!  This can be used as a recovery snack or a treat between runs.
Probar Bolt Energy Chews Orange $2.49
These are quite good and are full of electrolytes, complex carbs and b vitamins.  They are also gluten free!
Various Coupons
Stridebox always includes coupons for all the products in the box, along with other product information and coupons
Whole Box

Final Thought The final value for this box was $20.80.  I only paid $15.00 plus I got many new products to try.  They only product I am disappointed in, is the pouches.  I don't like coconut but I know my son will eat them.  I love getting Stridebox, as it helps keep me running.  This a great box for active people.  If you want to try Stridebox, go to www.stridebox.com

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