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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar September 23, 2013 09/23/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Project DIY Review Giveaway and Discount

*Congrats Sara S for winning the Giveaway!
M & J Trimming is the go-to place for the top trimmings in New York City, for the past 70 years.  They recently launch Project DIY, a subscription box to get the latest accessory trends without spending lots of money.  Each month Project DIY sends 2-3 original pieces inspired by the latest trends on the runways and fashion magazines.  You also received step by step instructions to complete the pieces, all for $30.00.  
“Our goal for Project DIY , whether you’re a DIY master or just getting started, is to deliver subscribers everything they need to create stylish and unique accessories each month” -Juliana Pereira, Creative Director for Project DIY.  

Project DIY is more than just am accessories craft box.  The website is an amazing resource to find tips on how to wear the pieces, how to customize your pieces, how to directions and all the past collections.  Even since finishing my pieces, I have been checking out the website for fashion inspiration for my new pieces.  
Project DIY used the theme Autumn in New York for their first box.  The experts at Project DIY were inspired by horse drawn carriage rides through Central Park and all the latest equestrian looks from countless top designers.  

First Look

I was very impressed with Project DIY with my first look.  The box is quite study and I loved all the beautiful graphics.  I could tell M & J Trimming put thought, care, and quality into this box.  

The Information Card
This card was too beautiful to leave in the box.  I have it sitting on my desk.  I love fall!
The back of the card
Project DIY included a letter to the subscriber, telling them all about this month’s theme and inspiration
There were 3 projects in the box.
Equestrian Charm Necklace
I was really excited to make this.  I love the equestrian look, and this piece is just my style.
Suede Tassel Key chain
I love how this piece is so versatile.  There are so many different colors, it will go with almost any purse.  On a side note, I really love the purse in the picture too.  I wonder who makes it?
Horseshoe Wrap Bracelet
This goes great with the necklace and I love this too.
Starter Kit-$20.00 (free with coupon below)
The starter kit is a separate purchase and will include all the tools needed for the projects.  These are nice heavy duty tools.  I will have all the information to order at the end of the review.  I have a coupon code that will let you get the starter kit FREE!
Making the Projects
*Note: All the instructions for the projects are found online at http://guides.mjprojectdiy.com/c/Project_DIY or on their app.
The Guide
There is a guide on the inside of each packet.  The guide tell you what items you need, how difficult it it, and how much time it will take you. There is also a measuring tool.  This project is very easy and takes 15 mins.  
The Materials
Project DIY includes all the materials you need for the project.
Coming Together

I liked that all the instructions were online.  This made it easier to complete the projects.  You can download their app on your phone and complete the projects when you are out and about.

Starting to look like a necklace
The necklace was very easy to make and took a little less time than predicted.
The Guide

This was moderate in difficulty and was estimated 25 mins to complete
The Materials
Even though this was a more difficult project than the necklace, there were far fewer parts
Coming together
Wrapping the gold wire around the leather was the trickiest part.  My finished piece isn’t quite as perfect as the picture, but I like it.
This bracelet came out really nice.  I liked all the details in it. 
The Guide
The suede and tassel key chain has a moderate difficulty and takes an estimated 25 mins to complete.
The Materials
I was really nervous to do this project.  I didn’t know if my tassels would come out as pretty as the ones in the picture.  
This one was a bit tricky with the tassels.  Mine isn’t as polished and pretty as the picture, but I still like it.  
The Completed Collection
The Entire Box
I love the quality of the pieces.  I would purchase these pieces if I saw them in a store.

Final Thought: This is one of my favorite subscriptions.  The quality of everything is outstanding.  The customer service has been top notch as well.  I love that the instructions were online.  This makes it easier to complete the projects where ever you are.  You could easily drop a packet in your purse, and make a necklace while waiting for your doctor.  Project DIY makes it easy to print out the instructions, if you like having everything in paper form.  Project DIY is only $30.00 a month.  If you are interested in signing up, click HERE and use the code MJDIY8 to save 40%.  That makes your starter kit free!


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Disclosure: I received the box free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.  Must be 18 and older to enter, United States only.  Cape Cod Gift Box is responsible for prize distribution. 

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