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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
Calendar September 20, 2013 09/20/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Peach Dish Review

I was excited to try Peach Dish.  I am not a good cook, at all.  I can grill and do a few basic things, but nothing fancy.  Peach Dish sends everything you need to make a 3 course meal for 2 people, all for $20.00 a week.  I was given a 2 week review to try out.

The Details: 
Cost: Plan 1: You Choose: $20.00 a week for 2 people and a 3 course meal.  You get two choices.  This is on wait list right now until they grow.
          Plan 2: Adventure 500: $20.00 a week for 2 people and a 3 course meal.  You get 2 servings and a free gift.
          Plan 3: Standard: $40.00 a week for 4 people and a 3 course meal
When do boxes ship?  Boxes ship on Tuesday from Atlanta, Ga and arrive Wednesday or Thursday
How am I billed?  Billing is done through Amazon.
What is my meal is damaged or wrong?  Your next meal is on Peach Dish

Week 1
First Look
 I received my first box on a Thursday, it was shipped on a Tuesday.  The box felt warm and when I opened it, I saw some liquid on the meal card.
All the food was a in a foam container in a priority shipping box
The Menu
The menu for this week was Endive Salad, Salmon in a Dijon-Dill Sauce, Sundried  Tomato Orso, and Fresh Strawberries
The look inside
 I was disappointed when I got to the ingredients.  Everything was very warm and the strawberries and salmon has leaked over the food.
The ingredients
 All the ingredients were in their own bag and labeled.  I washed everything off, but I was concerned about cooking meal because of the warm salmon.
 The strawberries had heated up in the box and begun to spoil
The salmon looked good, but was warm.  It was packaged in a cooler bag with 2 small ice packs (melted)
Week 1 Thoughts: I was really disappointed in week 1.  The food was warm and starting to spoil.  I was concerned with eating any of the produce, since it had been with the salmon and strawberries.  I wanted to err on the safe side, so I didn't prepare this meal.  I would have liked to have some chocolate sauce with the strawberries but fresh strawberries are good too.  The meal sounded good and wished I could have tried it.   
Week 2
I was excited for week two and was happy when I first opened the box.  I could feel coolness in the box and everything was packed nicely.
The menu for this week was Mango-Tomato Salad, Steak & Snow Pea Stir Fry, Cilantro Basmati Rice and Nutella and Crackers.  This sounded great!
 I was pleased that all the ingredients were fresh and nicely packaged
Fresh Produce
I was happy to see new packaging.  The meat was packaged in the same cooler, but was wrapped in plastic.
More ice
I was also pleased that there was a bigger ice pack.  The ice pack was melted but still a bit cool
The steak was a little cool, but not cold.
The Meal
 I was going to take pictures of my process, but cooking is hard for me, so it didn't happen.  The directions were pretty easy to follow.  I did run into a couple problems.  I was not sent the white wine vinegar or the shallots, so I wasn't able to make the appetizer as directed.  We ended up having the tomato and mango separate.  I am not a fancy cook, so I didn't know what else to substitute.
The other problem came with the rice.  It said to use 1 tablespoon of salt in the rice.  I followed the instructions and the rice was much too salty.  I was disappointed I was not able to eat it.  I think the directions should say teaspoon.  Since I don't cook often, I didn't know that was too much.
The meat was pretty easy to make and turned out fairly well.  My kids 4 and 18 month tried the meal too.  There was lots of food and we had enough for everyone.
Nutella and Crackers
I had never had Nutella before this meal.  To be honest, it looked weird.  I tried it and it was pretty good!
Week 2 Thoughts Week 2 was much better than week 1.  I liked the meat, peas and mangoes.  The tomatoes went a long way and my 4 year old ate most of them.  The rice didn't turn out well and that was a disappointment.
Final Thoughts: I love the idea behind this box.  The price ($20.00 for a 3 course meal for 2 people) can't be beat.  This is a new company, and they have a few things to improve on.  The cooling process needs to be improved so meals stay cold until delivery. I was pleased with the customer service contact after my first meal. They were very apologetic.  I am hoping my missing ingredients were just a fluke.  I wish Peach Dish the best.  I had arranged to do a 2 week giveaway, but I want to wait to run it, once the company has a chance to grow.  If you are interested in trying Peach Dish, check them out at http://www.peachdish.com/.

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Disclosure: I received this subscription free for review.  All my opinions are my own and I was not influenced /compensated in any way.

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