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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar September 23, 2013 09/23/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Binkabox Review and Discount Code

Binkabox is a new children's subscription box that delivers unique, handmade items for children.  Each box is curated by age and there are so many cute items.  I was given the 4 year old girl premium box to review. There are different subscription plans, their information is listed below.  Every item comes with a little card explaining what it is.  I only received 3 of the 6 cards with my box.  I contacted Binkabox and they were very responsive.  They said they would work on that not happening again and gave me the information for the other three items.  I like when I company is responsive to any issues.  

The Details:
What is in the box? “With the Starter Box, each month you and your little one will receive 1 to 2 kid-friendly items that we hand-pick for babies and toddlers (from newborn to age 5).  With the Standard Box, each month you and your little one will receive 3 to 4 kid-friendly items that we hand-pick for babies and toddlers. Finally, with the Premium Box, each month you and your little one will receive 5 to 6 kid-friendly items that we hand-pick for babies and toddlers. These products are customized for your little one based on your child’s age and gender.”

When is the cut off date to order?  5th of the month

When will I get my box?  Between the 17th and the 22nd of the month

What are the subscription plans?  See picture below

First Look
Child Butterfly Mask $8.00 
This butterfly mask is very cute and perfect for pretend play.
Rainbow Heart Infinity Scarf $20.00
I actually didn't know this was a scarf, when I first saw it.  I don't wear scarfs and I have boys, so some girly stuff is lost on me.  I showed this to my friend (she has a 4 year old daughter).  My friend said her daughter would love it. That's good enough for me!
Red Apple Hair Clip $4.00
This cute little apple hair clip, is perfect for a little girl going to preschool.
Felt Bookmarks $5.00
These are little bookmarks.  There is an opening at the top, you slip over a page.  These would be good for charter books, a tooth fairy pillow, or a little pocket to stick little treasures.  My son would use it for rocks or pennies.  I imagine a little girl might use it for hair clips, money or pixie dust.  
Rose Hair Bow Holder $6.50 
This would be perfect to hang with a little girl's collection of hair bows.  From what I understand, the average 4 year old girl has several of these bow holders.
Reusable Snack Bag $6.00
This has a nice rubber-type lining, making it easy to clean.  Perfect for Goldfish, granola, or any other snack food.
The Box

Final Though:  The total value of the box was $49.50.  That is over the $44.00 price, plus you save on shipping.  Shipping would add up fast with different sellers on Etsy.  I showed the box to two moms of 4 year old girls.  Both mom's indicated that their daughters would like this box.  I love that each item is unique, and not something found in commercial stores.  If you want unique, handmade products for your child, try Binkabox.  Save 10% by using code BINKA.

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Disclaimer:  I received the box free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.

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