Stridebox August Review

This box helps keep me accountable to run.  I ran my first race the end of July.  I beat my goal time and was happy I finished.  Stridebox is a running themed box, but most of the items are great for any active sport/activity.   Stridebox is a running subscription box filled with gear, accessories, and nutritional products every month for $15.00.

First Look
The Information Card
Gatorade Carb  Energy Chew-Fruit Punch and Orange ($1.29 a package)
I have tired something similar before and really enjoyed it.  These are filled with carbohydrates, sodium and potassium to maintain performance.  These look very tasty!
Gatorade Endurance Formula-Lemon Lime ($1.49 a package)
I am not crazy about lemon lime Gatorade.  This powder has 2x the sodium and more than 3x’s the potassium of regular Gatorade Thirst Quencher.  If I don’t use it, my husband will.
2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel-Double Expresso ($15.92 for 8 gels or $1.99 each)
This is said to provide rapid energy, reduce fatigue and speed reaction time.  I don’t like Expresso or any kind of coffee, so this is not for me.  Maybe my husband will try it.
Ialand Boost Fuel Passion Fruit Flavor ($10.00 for 3 pouches or $3.33 each)
This delivers fast energy when you need it.  This would be easy to take on a run.  I hope I like it.
Stridecool Post Run Cooling Towel ($9.99 a towel)
You soak, squeeze, then swing and place it around your neck.  This sounds great, but I will have to be sure to have extra water on hand to use it.
Chia Bar: Apple Cinnamon ($23.50 for 15 bars or $1.67 a bar)
This bar is made with chia seeds, Omega-3’s, protein and fiber
Kind Bar: Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt ($1.99 a bar)
This looked so good, I tried this right away.  I am normally not a fan of pecans, but the maple flavor and sea salt make this very tasty.  This has 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber.
Cards advertising Gatorade, 2nd Surge, customized running apparel and a running sticker.
The Box

Final Thought: This box was worth $23.04.  This was well worth the $15.00.   Though these boxes, I have found products I like, and products I don’t like.  I like getting new types of running gear and nutritional products.  If you run or just like to keep fit, check out

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