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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
Calendar August 6, 2013 08/06/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Skoshbox Review

I was thrilled when Skoshbox let me review one of their boxes. Skoshbox is a subscription box that sends out candies, snacks and accessories. I love learning about new cultures and trying new things.  My family's favorite restaurant is a wonderful Japanese place nearby.  I was excited to try some new foods from Japan.  Skoshbox is $12.00 a month and ships free.  I enlisted the help of my husband C, son L (Age 4) to help taste everything.

Everything ships in this little brown box.
I loved the first look.  The box came with Chopsticks!!
The Information Card

The information card has all the the items in the box.  It also has a description of each product and the ingredients of each item.  I thought the ingredients list was a thoughtful touch.  This helps protect anyone with food allergies.

All the Goodies
I love how colorful the products look in the box.  I couldn't wait to try the items.

This is what it looks like inside

This is a puffed corn snack in cheese and corn potage flavors. I thought this tasted like a cheese ball (the chips), only slightly different.  L loved it too.  My husband doesn't like puffed cheese things, but he thought it was okay.

Almond Rush

L didn't try this.  I thought this was very good and would like to have more of it.  C really liked it.  He loves sweet things.

Mini Salad

This is rice crackers with a salad dressing like coating.  It didn't sound too good.  I let L have the first taste (he likes salads and I don't).  He wasn't crazy about it.  I tried it and didn't think it was too bad.  The rice cracker is good and the coating is a mild taste.  My husband C, likes them.

Milk Caramel
 These are soft, chewy pieces of caramel.  I am not a caramel fan, but all three of us loved these.
Fruit Gummy

My son L would eat about anything in gummie form.  L loved these.  I had to really convince him to let me try one too.  I tried the grape and it was shaped like a heart.  It was very flavorful.

Elise Stick
Elise Stick product

This was perhaps my favorite product.  This is a crispy wafer stick with a rich creamy milk or matcha filling.  This was very sweet and yummy.  It reminds me of the wafer cookies with the cream that you find in grocery stores.  L, C and I all loved it.

Suzume No Tamago

These are peanuts coated in a crisp rice cracker shell.  These taste like sweet candy coated peanuts.  C and I both liked these.  L has a peanut allergy and so he can't eat these.  I am thankful for the ingredient list, so I didn't let him eat one.

Cheese Kibun

This is a rice cracker coated with a blast of cheese.  L and I loved these. They have a toasted taste to them. Who doesn't like stuff covered in cheese?

Fuwa Fuwa Jelly

This is fluffy marshmellow jelly.  I got the melon flavor.  This tasted like a gumdrop.  It was surrounded by sugar and had a melon taste.  I took a small bite so I could share a bit with L.  L gobbled it down!  He was a fan.

I loved getting my own pair of chopsticks!
The whole box

Final Thought: I really enjoyed this box.  I was skeptical how much I would actually like the snacks.  They weren't as different as I thought they were going to be.  I wish there was pictures on the card, but I was glad to know there were pictures of each item on the website.  I would also like to have had like to have something to tell me how to say each item.  I really enjoyed the unique snacks in this box.  While we get lots of food boxes at my house, they are not always devoured in a few hours.  Our Skoshbox has been eaten!

To watch my YouTube video, click HERE

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Disclaimer: I received this box free for review.  I was not compensated in any way.

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