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Calendar August 13, 2013 08/13/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Shave Mob Review

I received a 6 month supply of Shave Mob razors since I had so many of my wonderful readers sign up.  Thank You!

The blades and handle came in a cardboard tube.  I received the purist razors.  This is the mid line razor.  There is a cheaper version and one more expensive.  When I removed the razor and blades, several razors had come out of the plastic holder.  They need to improve the packaging, as the end caps of the tube are not secured tight enough.  I tried the razors out and they are not my favorite.  While they do shave well, they don't have enough of a moisture barrier for my liking.  I will use up these razors, but I don't believe I will order again.

If you want to sign up for Shave Mob, you can click HERE.  Shave Mob has released a coupon code.  Use the code INTHEMOB to get 2 month supply for $9.95 or an entire year for $24.95.


Have you tried Shave Mob?  What did you think?

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