New Subscription Box: Watanut

Watanut is a new subscription box.  This looks like Graze.

Cost? $25.00 a month.  $72.00 for 3 Months, and $138.00 for 6 Months

What is Watanut? Watanut is a health food subscription filled with trail mixes, nuts, granola and dried fruit.  Each box contains over 1.5 pounds of snacks.

When will I get my first box?  If you sign up between the 1-15th of the month, you will get the current month’s box.  If you sign up after the 15th, you will get the next month’s box.

When does Watanut ship?  Watanut ships the first of the month

When am I billed?  When you box ships.

How do I cancel? Call 1-855-Watanut (1-855-928-2688). 3-Month and 6-Month Subscription Plans are billed in full the first month of the subscription plan. Because you receive a discount for the 3 and 6 month subscription plans, canceling these plans will take effect once the subscription runs out.

Contact Information
Phone: 1-855-925-2688

Do you want to see what is in Watanut?  Keep checking back, as I will have a review of this box.

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