New Subscription Box: Grand Box

I am so excited to see this box.  Grand Box was founded by Andy Papier and Joe Yoeman.  It is a box for your older family members or loved ones.  They have a sign up section right now.  Their website has pictures of their family members.  I love that!  It looks like they will personalize each box for your loved one.  My husband C has a very special 93 year old grandmother.  This sounds like something I will give her.  

What is Grandbox?It is a smile. It is a little bit of love in a box. It is a way to connect families.”

What is in the box? From the website: Every month we select great gifts, healthy products, and things to make your loved ones happy. We will also include pictures and letters in each box. When you register, we will find out more about your loved one, and you can send us new photos and letters any time.”
Availability: This box will be released this fall

Price: Unknown.


This sounds like a company that is going to put alot of LOVE in their boxes.  What do you think?

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