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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
Calendar August 28, 2013 08/28/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

MommiesFirst Review

I have heard great things about MommiesFirst and so I was thrilled when they let me review one of their boxes.  My children are too old for MommiesFirst, so they sent a newborn box personalized for a pregnant friend.
The Details:

What is in the box? MommiesFirst send 4-5 products every month for your pregnancy through babies first year.

Cost: $30.00 a month.  They have longer subscriptions for 3, 6, or 12 months.  You get one month free with a 6 month subscription and 2 months free with a 12 month subscriptions.

When will I receive my box? The cut off to get the current month's box is the 10th of the month.  All boxes ship the 15th of the month.

When am I charged?  The date you signed up, is the day you will be charged every month.

How do I cancel? Email helpmama@mommiesfirst.com

First Look

I was very impressed from my first look.  There is a lovely personalized letter on top.  This letter is address to the recipient.  The name on the envelope is written by hand!  I love the personalized touch from this subscription box.

The letter
I love the letter.  The letter is very personal and let the mother know what she should expect right about baby is born.  The card is hand signed as well!
The packaging

Every item was tucked in nicely and wrapped in brown tissue paper.  A little blue stork sticker kept everything together.

All the items

This box was packed with items.  It was nice and heavy, which I love.  Placed on top, was a  diaper pin holding information cards for all the items in the box.

The Cards

There are six cards all together and they are held by a cute diaper pin.  Each card has details about the product, how to use it, why they chose it, where to find it, price and the story behind the company.  I love that MommiesFirst included everything you ever wanted to know about the product.  I typically research products from subscription boxes to find out where to buy them and the cost.  MommiesFirst does all the work for you!  This is a wonderful feature as, what new/pregnant mom has time to search the web looking for products?

Thought Spots $14.00
Thought Spots are little round messages you can stick anywhere you want an up-lifting note.  I love that you can stick these anywhere: baby's room, bathroom, etc.  These would provide nice little pick me ups to mom.  My favorites are : I am beautiful and You Go Girl
The Sticker Designs
OXO Tot: On the Go Wipes Dispenser $7.99

The Oxo Tot On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser comes with a strap.  This means you can attach it to you diaper bag or stroller.  This is a wonderful aspect of this product.  Any mom can tell you how hard it is to find the wipe container in the diaper bag, when you have a blowout.  It's always in the bottom.  I actually want to go buy one of these now.

City Grips $12.95

City Grips are decorative grips that go over the foam/rubber part of your stroller.  They are cute and they also protect the padding on your stroller.  I have a couple cracks in mine foam.  These might have helped prevent that.  They are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Pariday Tend Her Pillows $24.99

Pariday Tend to her Pillows are reusable breast pads/soothing pillows filled with gel.  You can use them cool or warm.  They fit in pillow cases that double has leak guards.  I have been breastfeeding for 39 months and counting.  Breastfeeding is tricky at first and painful.  These are perfect for a new mom.  Even mom's who don't breastfeed could probably use these when their milk comes in and they are not nursing.

Thera Wise DpR Natural Baby Diaper Ointment $15.99

Thera Wise is plant based and doesn't have any zinc oxide or beeswax.  This is quick drying, non greasy and alcohol free.  This can be used for cloth or disposable diapering!  I like that this can be used no matter what diapering choice mom makes.

Weleda Calendula Cream Bath $17.00 for 6.8 oz

The Weleda  bath is a gentile bath that softens skin and leaves a protective layer.  This is said to be really effective with dry skin or eczema.  I am going to buy this product for my boys.  Both of my boys have eczema and I would love to find something to deal with flair ups.

Final Thought:  The total value for this box was $92.92.  That is the biggest value/cost of any baby/child box I have reviewed.  I am amazed MommiesFirst can pack so much value in a $30.00 box. All the products were high quality and very useful.  I am using this box as a gift and I am thrilled.  I highly recommend this company if you are needing a baby/shower gift.  If you are pregnant or have a small baby, I highly recommend MommiesFirst.  Mommies First sends the expertise you want with an extra touch of personal caring.  I hope MommiesFirst expands their program. I would sign up my 17 month old in a heartbeat!

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1 Comment(s)

  1. s, July 3, 2014:

    I have gotten 3 boxes so far and the first two I loved and had great products and were well worth the $30. However I just received this months box and was so disappointed. It wasnt worth even close to $30. I got a coupon for a “consultation” which I have no need for. And the 3 products were all sample size and worth maybe $10 altogether 2 of the 3 were stain removers. Such a bummer. I am considering canceling my subscription if next months box is as lame. Sigh.

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