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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar August 18, 2013 08/18/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Kiwi Crate August Fun with Flight and Future Spoilers

My son L gets so excited when he sees that the green Kiwi Crate box has arrived.  This month's theme is Fun with Flight.  L is all about planes, so this box is right up his ally.

Kiwi Crate is $19.95 a month and you can save $10.00 on you first crate by clicking HERE.  Kiwi Crate sends out a box full of crafts each month for children 3-7.  You can also add materials for a second child for $7.95.  When you open the box, there is a piece of thick paper that shows the main crafts.  On the back is a scene with Steve the Kiwi bird and some friends your child can color/cut out.  Your child can use the figures to play with them in the box.  In your first box, you will get a pair of scissors and a poster to put your Kiwi bird stickers on.  Each box includes a sticker of Steve the Kiwi dressed in that month's theme.
One of the things that makes this company so great, is the customer service.  Kiwi Crate has always gone above and beyond for me.  They return phone calls, help you with anything you need and will correct any problem you encounter with their company.  You can pause or cancel you subscription from the website.
This month, they added a special bonus, Explore Magazine.

There are cartoons and fun activities for you child to do in the magazine.  Kiwi Crate note that this magazine will appear in every Kiwi Crate subscription, every month.  Every month's magazine will fit with that month's theme to the box.

Explore More Activities
Each month, there is an explore more book. This book includes experiments, crafts or other activities you can do with you child.  This month Kiwi Crate included materials to make a helicopter, Straw flier, and flipping fish
My Rad Rockets

One of the main crafts in this month's kit is “My Rad Rockets”.  The box included everything to make 2 rockets.  The rockets are make with a rubber band system, so your child can actually launch them.  There is a tall chart that comes with the kit, so you child can measure how high the rocket flies.  You can also use the chart as a growth chart.  This craft comes with markers, so your child can use them long after the rockets are complete.

Full Color Instructions
Each instruction book comes with full color instructions.  There are pictures of all the items you need for each craft.  Kiwi Crate includes all the materials you need for each craft.
Parent Guide
At the bottom of each book, there is a guide for parents about the craft.  There is a messiness scale from low to high, a grownup involvement: low, medium and high, and specific skills your child will work on.
My Flying Kites
This craft includes all the materials to make 2 kites.  There is also a full container of tape.
The Whole Box

Final Thought:   I think this is my favorite Kiwi Crate.  This crate was packed with stuff.  In all, there were materials to make 2 rockets, 2 kites, and 3 other flying objects.  There was also a magazine valued at $4.95.  My son loves Kiwi Crate.  It has been such fun, watching him grow and be able to do most everything in the craft himself.  (L is 4 years old).  If you want to know what is going to be in the next 3 months of Kiwi Crate, keep reading below for descriptions and pictures.  To sign up for Kiwi Crate and save $10.00 on your first box, click HERE.  What do you think about this month's crate?

To view my You Tube Video, click HERE
Modern Art
1.  Hanging Mobile: Build and balance a  brightly-colored, Calder -style mobile.
2.  Color Block Painting: Paint and display Mondrian-inspired color block art on your own canvas and easel.
Bonus: Abstract Art Gallery: Expand your gallery with abstract art faces.  Describe all of your works of art with special gallery label stickers.
Glowing Animals
1.  Jellyfish Race: Construct two kid-powered climbing jellyfish to tace with a friend
2.  Glowworm Friend: Create a snuggly glowworm friend that really glows in the dark
Bonus: Glowing Creatures: Learn about other amazing glowing animals and make your own with glow sticks.
1.  Story Theater: Illustrate and act out your own colorful story scrolls
2.  String puppet: design and create a fluffy marionette puppet to act out your stories.
Bonus: Finger Puppets: Tell your own tales with cut-out finger puppets and color-in bookmarks
What do you think of the spoilers?
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