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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar August 16, 2013 08/16/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Citrus Lane August 17 month old Boy

This box is for T, my 17 month old boy

Citrus Lane is for children newborn to age 5.  Each month you will get 4 or more items age appropriate for your child. The items are picked out by moms. You get toilettries, toys, books, eco friendly items, and sometimes a mom. Each box is geared to the age of your child from 0-5. Some of the brands of items have been Skip Hop, Melissa and Doug, Cloud b, Boon and many more. The items are of high quality and of great brands. Kits ship the 15th of there month and you will receive it from about the 17th-22nd. Use this the code TAKEHALF with the link HERE  to save 50% on your first box.  If you want a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, click HERE to save $10.00 on your subscription.

Barefoot Books Octopus Opposites (Retail Value: $6.39 on sale)

I truly love getting books in subscription boxes.  This books goes through lots of opposites.  It is a pretty long book.  There was a little damage to the top left part of the book, but nothing to complain about.

Crocodile Creek 5″Playground Ball (Retail Value $7.99)

This is a nice size for little hands.  T will have a blast with this.  It seems pretty sturdy, which is a must in this house.

Bowling Pins (comes with the ball)
These are bowling pins that you color and then set up.  You use the ball to knock them down.  They are made to stand like a triangle, so they are easy to set up.
Plum Organics Fruit Straws (Retail Value $1.10 a piece)
These have a 1/3 cup of fruit in each package.  They are in Strawberry Vanilla flavor.  These sound good and I hope T likes them.  I really like the Plum Organics brand.
Clean Well All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes (Retail Value $5.49)

These came in a 40 count container.  They are in the scent of Orange Vanilla.  I normally can't stand the smell of orange and vanilla together, but these are okay.  These are safe for your child's face or hands. These are sold for $10.99 on the Clean Well website for a 2 pack.  As a mom of two boys, I will use these!

Fabkids Coupon for a free outfit

Fabkids has been selling only girls clothes, but they now have a boys line. The coupon expires Sept 8th. There are a limited number of outfits for boys right now.  They start at a size 2 and goes up to a size 12.  I have heard some negative reviews about the ease of canceling with Fabkids.  If I decide to use this coupon, I will use a prepaid card to protect myself.

Ouchies Jr Bandages  (Retail Value $5.00)
Ouchies are 100% latex free and are packaged in lead free tins.  These have trucks on them and I think they are adorable.  I can never find a bandage when I need one.  These will go in my purse or the diaper bag.

Final Thought:  The total value of this Citrus Lane box is $37.14.  This doesn't factor in the coupon.  I will use everything in this box except for the Fabkids coupon.  I have really liked Citrus Lane the last two months.  I am excited to see what September holds.

The information card
The Box

Final Thought The total value for this box was $27.17.  This is a bit lower than L's box, but I still liked everything in it.  It would have been great to get a whole box of the Plum Organics straws instead of just 2.  T will love the ball and book the most.

To sign up:
Use this the code TAKEHALF with the link HERE  to save 50% on your first box.  If you want a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, click HERE to save $10.00 on your subscription.

To view my You Tube video of my Citrus Lane, go HERE

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