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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar August 27, 2013 08/27/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box Review

I have been wanting my husband to find the right box for him to subscribe to.  C had watched several videos of the Ashton Kutcher A+ Fancy Box and decided to sign up.  

Cost: $39.00 a month.  Use FOLLOWUP10 to save 10% on your first box.
What is in the box?  You get more than $80.00 worth of items every month.  Each box is curated by Ashton Kutcher.

When will I get my 1st box? “Orders placed before the 12th of the calendar month will ship on the 15th of the same month. Orders placed after the 12th of the calendar month will ship on the 15th of the following calendar month.”

When am I billed? You are billed the same day every month that you order.  If your order Sept 2nd, you will be billed in Oct on Oct 2nd.  
Shipment: The Ashton Kutcher Fancy box is shipped by Fed Ex

First Look

 The box contents were shipped in a large box with lots of packing material.  There was an envelope with a return shipment label.  I have found out since that you can’t return the subscription boxes.  I am not sure why it was included in the box.  There was also a couple of Fancy stickers.

Box Items
 This is how all the items were packaged at the bottom of the box.  
Two Tone Woven Cotton Belt by Men in Cities $40.00

 This belt comes in green, grey, beige and black.  C was not a fan of the green.  He would have loved the grey, beige or black.

Ashton Says “Let loose and still look stylish.  This belt’ll keep your secret if your waistline needs a bit more space at dinner.

Neon Rim Frames by Isaac Jacobs  $15.00

 C liked this and plans to put it on his desk at work.  This is a nice frame and has a nice design.

Ashton Says “When a picture’s worth 1,000 words, this minimal frame lets mine continue to do the talking.”

Wooden Alarm Clock Box By Kikkerland $30.00
 C likes this item the most.  When you clap, the time displays on the block of wood.  
Ashton Says: “Give a quick clap, and the time appears on the clock.  So much more fun than slapping for the snooze button in the morning”
Maps Rocks Glass $13.00

 This is a nice heavy glass and there is a map of Manhattan etched along the outside.  C cute his thumb a bit when he took it out of the box.  There was some pieces of the factory etching left.  It is a nice glass and will hold a nice Jack and Coke.   

Ashton Says: “Learn more about a new city (or the one you are proud to call your own) while enjoying a drink out of these glasses.  Sit back, relax and you’ll be street smart in no time”.
The Information Cards
The Box

 Final Thought: I contacted Fancy after C cut his finger on the glass.  Fancy has an online chat option on their website.  Someone followed up with me the next day and gave me a $15.00 gift card for the trouble.  We were also offered to return the box if we chose.  I am pleased with the customer service at Fancy Box.  My husband really likes the picture frame and clock.  We are getting another box next month to see how C likes it.  The glass is nice but we will be careful of the etching.  C would have really loved the belt had it been another color.  I have seen other boxes and some people got beige.  Overall this box was okay, but C wasn’t thrilled with it.  C is looking forward to next month, to see if it is better.

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