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Calendar July 15, 2013 07/15/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Love with Food Review July 2013 and Free Box Code

I almost canceled my Love with Food after last month.  The coconut and seaweed were not for me.  I decided to give it one last month and I am so glad I did.  This box was filled with all kinds of tasty goodies.  In fact, I received this box two days ago and everything is gone except for 2 items. 

This month's theme was Fun on the Boardwalk.
First Look
The Information Card
All the goodies
KuKuRuZa Hawaiian Salted Caramel.  Oh My.  This one item has been worth all the money I have ever spent on Love with Food boxes.  My family loves popcorn.  We have 4 different popcorn poppers, so we know good popcorn.  This is caramel popcorn with the addition of sea salt.  The sea salt is under the caramel. so your hands don't get salty while you eat it.  It has the perfect combinations of sweet and salty. I took one bite and knew I would need more.  I did share a bit with my family and everyone loves it.

If you are interested in trying this popcorn, go to the KuKuRuZa's website (Based out of Seattle).  It is $16.00 for a gallon bag.  Use coupon code: PEASONMOSS to save 10% on your order.  I ordered 3 bags!  They also sell it on Amazon but shipping is higher there.

Uncle Henry's Handmade Sourdough Pretzels These are rolled by hand and baked in a stone hearth. Our family likes pretzels and enjoyed these.  They didn't take any different than other pretzels like these, but they were still good.
The pretzels were a little crushed, but they were easier to share that way
Nature's Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar. This is made with figs and strawberries.  I haven't got to try this yet, but it looks good.
Lord Nut Levington Rebel Mary Peanuts I tried a couple of these and thought they were okay.  They tasted like spicy ketchup.  My husband ate the rest of them.  My husband thought they tasted a bit like chili powder.
Twangerz Snack Toppings I received the following flavors: Chili Lime Salt. Lime Salt, Lemon Lime Salt, and Pickle Salt.  You add these to popcorn, fruit, grilled veggies, and kebabs These seem a bit odd, but I think I will try them on chips or veggies.
Necco Wafers These are that classic candy from your childhood.  My husband and 4 year old loved these
Angel Mint Orange Salt Water Taffy:  This is free from artificial colors and flavors.  This tasted like orange cream.  My husband and son also loved these.
Vermont Smoke and Cure  BBQ Beef Stick The beef in this was raised without antibiotics.  This is flavored with sweet molasses and spicy peppers.  I hate beef jerky and similar items but I liked this.  My husband and son also really liked this.
I also got a 50 cent coupon for Lord Nut Levington and a $25.00 gift card for Hello Fresh.  Hello Fresh is a subscription box that send fresh ingredients for 3 full meals a week.  It is $9.95 per person/per meal.  The least expensive option is $69.00 for 2 people/
The Whole Yummy Box

Final Thought: I loved this Love with Food box.  The popcorn was so good, the rest of the box could have been horrible, and I would still be happy.  My whole family (minus the baby) loved this box.  I am very glad I didn't cancel.  What did you think of this month's box?

If you want to try Love with Food, click HERE and use the code FBGIFT and get your first box free.

One last question!  Have you entered my giveaway yet?  Go HERE to enter to win an Escape Monthly Box.

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