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Calendar July 31, 2013 07/31/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

BroBox Review July 2013

This is my second BroBox.  If you missed my first review, you can read it HEREBroBox is 14.95 a month with no commitment.  They also show you a picture of what is in the next box, so there are no surprises.  BroBox ships out the 5th of the month via UPS.  BroBox was kind enough to send me this box free for review early. This is the July Box.  You can order through July 31st to get this box.
The box comes in a big cardboard envelope and all the contents are in this box.

Sweat Block (Retail Value $19.99 for 8 -$5.00)  This product is FDA compliant, and can stop sweating for up to 7 days with one application.  These are toilettes you rub on your armpits after you shower.  These sound amazing and am excited to see if they work.   This also came with a 10% off code for your 1st order.
BroBox Hand Exerciser: (Retail Value: @$10.00) This was the bonus gift in the box.  Since this was the surprise gift, there was not any information about it on the website.  Based on similar products, I valued this at $10.00.
Extreme Energy and Immune Support  (Retail Value: This is currently unavailable online) This boost immune systems, increases energy and has 4 times the Vitamin C of orange juice.  There was also a coupon for 20% off items on the website.
Sahale Snacks  (Retail value $24.04 for 2 flavors-4 oz pack-I received 2 samples)  I received almonds with cranberries, honey and sea salt.  I also received cashews with pomegranate and vanilla/  Both of these snacks sound delicious.
Fresh Balls Singles by Fresh Body ($11.99 for 5 oz bottle: 2 samples received) This is a liquid powder that goes on a lotion.  “It transforms into a silky , non-talc powder that keeps your privates fresh and dry”.  Since I am a woman, I have no experience in this dept.  I told my husband about them and he thought they sounded interesting.  This comes with 20% off your first order
iTrain $25.00 gift card I was a little skeptical when I first saw this.  Many times when a gift card comes in a subscription box, there is a hidden fee/required purchase to use it.  I went on the website and I don't think there is a min purchase requirement.  There are workouts as low as $5.99.  There are 6 week workout programs for $29.00, so I think you can get a good value with this card.

Final Thought: I really liked this box.  The total value was $40.00.  That includes the gift card because there is no min purchase.  It doesn't include any of the samples.  BroBox is only $14.95, so this is a great value.  If you use the code BROMAN, you can get your box for $12.00.  I really like that each box has an assortment of products that are selected for men.  If you want to sign up for BroBox, you can sign up through July 31st and get the July Box.  The July Box ships August 5th.  What do you think of BroBox?

To watch my YouTube video, click HERE.

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