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Calendar June 11, 2013 06/11/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Naturebox June 2013

I got my second Naturebox today and I love it.  I called Naturebox last month and they put the ability to pick my own snacks for my June box.  You can choose all five of your snacks or just pick and few and let Naturebox pick the rest.  TIP: You need to check your account periodically to see if your items are still in stock.  If an item sells out that you have picked, they will send you something else, unless you choose a different item.  I had to switch out 1 or 2 items before my box shipped, but I am happy with all my choices.
My Box

First Look:  Normally, your 5 snacks are on the cover card.  Since I picked my own snacks, my card just had general infomation about Naturebox
My box snacks
Southern BBQ Sunflower Seeds.  There are very tasty. They obviously taste like sunflower seeds.  The bbq flavor is similar to Lays BBQ chips.  These would work well on a salad, although I love them straight from the bag
Banana Chips These taste like other banana chips I have had.  They are very sweet, crunchy and not too tough to chew
Sunshine Chips: These are seasoned dried veggies.  They taste like vegetables but very crunchy like a chip.  They have unexpected but pleasant taste.
Big Island Pineapple Oh My!  These are fantastic.  They taste just like a dried pineapple.  I am not sure if they will last the rest of the day.  They are out of this world!
BBQ Kettle Kernals.  These taste like corn nuts to me.  They have a very mild BBQ flavor.  This is their new packaging.  It is made of plastic and a big tougher to open

Final Thought:  I love this box.  I am not sure if these snacks will make it through the week.  I love the option to pick your own snacks.  The only room for improvement would be for Naturebox to have more if the “top items” in stock, so they don't sell out.

If you want to try Naturebox, click HERE and use the code SHARE10 and you will get $10.00 of your first box, making it $9.95.

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