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Calendar June 27, 2013 06/27/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 3 Comments 3


A friend recommended ABC Mouse to me to try.  I had seen it on Sprout before, but never tried it. ABCMOUSE is for ages 2-Kindergarten.   L doesn’t like to do school stuff with me.  He is entering pre-k this year and I wanted something to keep him on target this summer.

They offer a free month trial, so I signed up.  You get a whole year for about 56.00, which is pretty cheap.  L tried it out today and like it.  L has a really short attention span.  I did the 17 step mouse tutorial and then a game.  I was really impressed how quickly L learned to use a mouse.  He can click on objects and drag them too!

If you want to try it out for 30 days free, click HERE to use my link.  If you use my link to do the 30 day trial, I will get a free month.

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3 Comment(s)

  1. Tammy Feyen, June 8, 2013:

    I haven’t heard of this one! I will definitely check it out :) Thanks

  2. Dee Sunday, June 8, 2013:

    got to keep this in mind for next year… my 1 yr DD is a bit to young.. hopefully I wont forget about it!

  3. Ashlea, June 28, 2013:

    Kaylea likes it even better with the iPad. I added the app today!