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Calendar May 31, 2013 05/31/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

Kiwi Crate: May 2013: Feathered Friends

This is a late post, as I thought I already posted my review.  Don't forget to enter my contest to win a $20.00 gift card to Kiwi Crate.  The post is a couple posts down, or you can use the search box on the right.  This month's Kiwi Crate theme was “Feathered Friends”.  The two main projects were the bird mask and wings and a project to make a bird nest and eggs. This month's box was packed full of items.  There was also an 2 additional booklets of information.  The first booklet was a sneak peak at the June, July and August Crates!  I am really excited for the crates this summer, as I know my son will love them.  If you want to be surprised, stop reading after you see the picture of the booklet Camp Kiwi.  My son L is almost 4 and he didn't need very much help at all with the projects.
Here is what was in the box:
How the box comes

First Look
All the contents
Bird Nest and Eggs project
You put the glue in the cup with the yarn and mix.  L doesn't like getting his hands messy, but he did it.
Then you flatten the yarn around the bowl (stopping 3/4  the way down).
You let it dry for 24 hrs and then remove from the bowl
They included a white crayon so you can draw a pattern on your eggs.  Then you paint them blue. EVERY SINGLE item you need is included (well, minus the paper towels)
Bird Mask and Wings Supplies.  They included beaks for a kiwi, duck and woodpecker.  The child puts Velcro dots on each beak, so the child can switch out what bird he/she wants to be.
Making the mask.  The parent was instructed to tie the knot on each end of the elastic after the child threaded it through.
Lacing elastic through the wings
Completed Projects
Close Up of the Nest and Eggs.
This book gave information about various birds and then had space for the child to draw the  bird they talk about.

 Final Thoughts: I really love Kiwi Crate.  They have the best customer service and product for your money.  If I had to cancel all my boxes but 1, this is the box I would keep.  I loved this months box.  My son wore his costume and “flew”all around the yard.  If you want to try out Kiwi Crate, click HERE to save $10.00 off your first crate making it $9.95.  You can add materials for a sibling for only $7.95 also!  The other great thing is you can skip a month or cancel right from the website.  Keep reading if you want to see the sneak peeks for the summer month's kits.

June: Nature Explorers.  July Wonders of Water and August: Fun with Flight

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  1. Beckie Brown, June 9, 2013:

    Kiwi Crate looks so amazing, prob one of the best out there. Hope we win one of the 5 free months :)

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