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All about monthly subscription box reviews.

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Calendar August 23, 2013 08/23/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Zockster Review and Giveaway

 Zockster is a subscription box service that delivers 3 pairs of socks to your door.  These are not just your regular socks.  These socks are made with Bamboo.

The Details:
Types of memberships: Monthly, Every other month and Quarterly
Try Me: You can try the socks out before committing to a subscription.  Women and men's ankle socks are $4.00 a pair and men's dress socks are $5.00.
Cost: You get 3 pairs of socks with each type of subscription
      a.  For Men and Women's Ankle Socks $5.00 monthly,  $7.00 every two months, $9.00 Quarterly
b.  For Men's Dress Socks: $6.00 monthly, $8.00 every two months, $10.00 Quarterly
Shipping: There is a $2.00 charge for shipping.
Sizes: Women 4-9 Men 6-12
Types of Socks:
a,  Women: white ankle socks
b.  Men: white ankle socks and men dress socks

The socks were shipped in this envelope
Everything was wrapped really neatly
Insert Card: Front
Insert Card: Back
Packaging is Earth friendly
The socks were packaged and shipped in all Eco friendly materials. I like that from the top-down, everything is environmentally friendly.
The Socks
Why bamboo socks? You may be wondering why these socks are special, and why you shouldn't just go to Target and pick up a pair of socks.  These socks are made from bamboo.  Bamboo has natural properties that wick moisture from your feet, prevent bacteria and increases circulation in your feet.  Bamboo is also good for the Earth.  It takes 24,000 gallons of water to turn cotton into a pound of fabric.  Bamboo only needs 12.
I was sent two pairs of socks: men's dress socks and women's ankle socks
Men's dress socks
Women's ankle socks
First Observations:
When I opened up the socks, I noticed how incredibly soft they were.  The socks have reinforced toes.  I was really excited to try out the socks.
The Test:
I wasn't able to test the men's socks, because my husband has a size 14 foot (the socks only go to 12).  I tested out the women's socks.  I wore them around the house all day, while taking care of my two small children.  I am pretty picky about my socks and usually just go barefoot because my feet get too hot.  These socks stayed put and were comfortable all day.
I decided to also test them on a run.  I really enjoy running (I just started in May), but I haven't found the right running socks.  These socks worked great.  I really wish I could get a whole running outfit made like these socks.
The Package

Final Thought: I am really impressed with these socks.  I was disappointed that my husband can't wear them, but not many people wear a size 14 shoe.  I love the women's socks.  I really like the reinforced toe and I think it will keep my socks from getting holes in them.  Zocksters are incredibly comfortable and really keep your feet cool and dry.  If you would like to sign up for Zockster, go to http://www.zockster.com/.  Even better, Zockster is letting me do a give away for a 1 month box (3 pairs of socks).  Enter Below.

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Disclaimer:  This review and giveaway is sponsored by Zockster.  I was not compensated in any way for the review.  Zockster will fulfill the prize.

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