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Calendar July 21, 2016 07/21/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Teacher Peach A Note From the Teacher August 2016 Subscription Review + Coupon Code

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Teacher Peach A Note From the Teacher August 2016 Subscription Review

Teacher Peach A Note From the Teacher August 2016 Subscription Review

Teacher Peach is a company that provides educational materials to teachers.  They have a range of products, including two different subscription boxes: Teachables Box and A Note From Teacher.  Teachables Box is a new subscription coming soon that sends 2 gifts for the teacher, 2 for the classroom and 2 for the students ( in bundles of 25).

A Note from Teacher is the other subscription box.  It is $17.95/month and the first boxs comes with a starter kit, plus greeting cards, stamps, seals, and postcards.  The starter kit comes with card tote box, 6 divider cards, 6 markers, 15 DIY labels, ball point pen, and collectible magnet.  You can pick up just the starter box for $14.95.

The regular monthly subscription comes with 4 greeting cards, 4 glossy envelope seals, 3 Forever postage stamps, 1 custom Teacher postage stamp, an extra envelope, 4 postcards, and tip-filled AnecNOTES.  I was sent A Note from Teacher for review.

A Note from Teacher

A Note From Teacher shipped in a white box.


First Look,  There was a note on top that said my box is exactly like the boxes teachers will receive as a gift.  If you subscribe for your self, your box won't contain a personal letter.

Thank you card

Since this box is designed to be given as a gift, there was a thank you note included, so the teacher can thank the recipient.

welcome note

There was a fold out card with a note addressed to the recipient.

information card

Inside the card, there was a list of everything in the box.


There was a card with some special offers for other products.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit The starter kit included everything you need to organize your monthly cards.  There was a clear case to hold all the materials.  The dividers are multicolors, but can be colored in more with the included markers.  There were divider stickers to put on the dividers and an ink pen for correspondence.


There was a gumball keyring attached to the starter kit.

Welcome to School:

Welcome to School: This was the bonus card in the box.  This is great to use for families you want to send a special note to, before the start of school.

Thank You

Thank You Great for open house or after an important conference.  It's always great to let parents know they have been heard.


Questions  This could be nice for a student who is struggling in school.

Great Job

Great Job There are so may times to use this.  Children love getting praise.


Patient: It's hard to be patient.  This card is great for that anxious person.


Postcards There were four postcards in the box.  There were two postcards to recognize hard work, and two general cards.  One of those cards can be colors with the markers.

All things sticky:

All things sticky: The last items in the box were some stickers, letters seals and stamps to mail your correspondence.


AnecNOTES To help make the best notes, there was a sheet of AnecNOTES, filled with various tips and tricks to writing a great note.


Final Thought: This is a really unique box for teachers.  I think this box would be best given as a gift, since teacher already have large expenses for themselves.  You can start the year off great and give this to your child's teacher the first week of school.  Each month, your teacher will get more cards, postcards, stickers, seals and stamps to put in their starter kit.  If you want to subscribe, use this link with the coupon BOXMOM10.

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