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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar February 20, 2016 02/20/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

BuddhiBox February 2016 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.


 BuddhiBox is a green/eco-friendly subscription especially for people who love yoga.  Boxes are $30.95/ month and are filled with 4-6 deluxe and full size yoga and healthy lifestyle products. I actually don't normally do yoga, but I really enjoy BuddhiBox and I have used every box they have sent. Most of the items you will find in the box are organic and vegan.  BuddhiBox also gives back to a charity each month.

The Details:

Cost: $30.95/month, $27.95/month for 6 months, $25.95/month for 12 months.

Coupon: Use the code buddhifriend to save $3.00 off your month to month subscription plan.

What's in the box? BuddiBox ships you a curated box of 4-6 products that enhance your yoga practice and lifestyle. BuddhiBox practices Saucha or pure living.
We only partner with businesses that follow ethical and conscious standards of production. Most of the items we feature are organic and vegetarian.

When does the box ship?  10th of the month.

Website: https://www.buddhiboxes.com


I love the new boxes!


First Look

buddhibox February 2016 Quote

The quote for February is “When you live with an open heart, unexpected things happen.


The information card has a list of everything in the box and there are symbols to indicated if the product was Vegan, Organic or Cruelty Free.


The featured yoga pose this month is One-Legged King Pigeon Pose.  This one is much hard than last month's Tadasana Mountain Pose.


The back of the information card has information about the post, how to do it and the benefits

Dosha Bar

Dosha Bar $4.00  Dosha Bars are free from any added flavors, additives or other junk and are designed to give you balance.  This is the apple cran awakening bar, and it's made with a combination of unsweetened fruits and seeds.

Aphrodisiac Hot Yoga Lollipop from Pandora's Pops

Aphrodisiac Hot Yoga Lollipop from Pandora's Pops (Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free) $8.00 This coconut/pineapple lollipop is designed to give your love life a spark. For an $8.00 lollipop, I hope it really works.

Heart of Gold Blend from Quinntessentials

Heart of Gold Blend from Quinntessentials $30.00  Essential oils are expensive, so I was impressed there was such a large roller bar included in the box.  This is a combination of jojoba, lavender, geranium, cedarwood, petitgrain, clary sage and ylan ylang esssential oils.

Vata Lip Balm from Hurraw

Vata Lip Balm from Hurraw $4.00 This lip balm is made with sesame seed oil, along with fruits and roots to complement the Ayurvedic Doshas:

The Vata Dosha: dry, quick, cold, light, subtle
Element: air (wind) & ether (space)
Commands: intuition, creativity, imagination, spontaneity
Emotions: anxiety, worry, doubt, fear
Pacified by: sweet, salty, warm

You Are Beautiful Bracelet from Hot Chakras Clothing

You Are Beautiful Bracelet from Hot Chakras Clothing $20.00 This bracelet is a great reminder to love yourself. The red beads are made of glass and the bracelet is designed to fall off naturally.


Marley Coffee $10.00  This great coffee was received back in the August 2015 Buddhibox and was included as a special bonus in this month's box.


Final Thought: This month, the total value of the box was $76.00!  The essential oil was my favorite item in the box.  It smells fantastic and it had such a great value.  I love how Buddhibox surprises me each month with great new items.  If you want to try BuddhiBox, click HERE and use the code buddhifriend to save $3.00 off your month to month subscription plan.

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