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Calendar April 6, 2015 04/06/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Mindfulness Box April 2015 Review

Disclosure: I received this box free for review purposes.  This post contains referral links.

Mindfulness Box April 2015 Review

Mindfulness Box April 2015 Review

Mindfulness Box is a new subscription box that is designed help people live in the present moment through self-awareness and reflection practices.  Monthly boxes are $29.00/month and are filled with handmade, biodynamic snacks, natural minerals/crystals, and essential oils.

Every item is packaged with an information/instruction card, along with dialog to help you live in the moment.  I could always use to be more peaceful, and present in the moment, so I was excited to try this box.

The Details

Cost: $29.00/month, $82.00/3 months, $162.00/6 months, $318.00/12 months

What's in the box? “Each month, you will receive a box with 4-5 items thoughtfully curated with positivity for the subscriber. We pay close attention to origin and quality of the goods, ensuring we are spreading peace with the least amount of impact to our planet. Our focus is to provide high quality, natural, organic, biodynamic and purposeful products to enrich our subscribers' journey to balance and living in the here and now.”

When will i get my box?  Third week of the month.

How do I cancel? Email Contact@MindfulnessBox.com within 2 calendar days prior to the 23rd of the current month you are due to be charged.


Mindfulness Box shipped by priority mail and and a cute box.  The phrase “Present moment.  Beautiful Moment” was printed on the box.


First Look


Everything was neatly packaged in the box


Inner Energy Hard Reset: These gifts from Mother Earth are designed to promote strength, peace, healing and love.


Each stone represents something different and can be placed in special places in your home.

  1. Hematite (silver stone) Foundational Strength
  2. Sodalite (blue stone) Inner Peace
  3. White Calcite (White Stone) Cleansing & Healing
  4. Rose Quartz (pink stone) Self-Worth & Love


I really love how each item is individually packaged with an instruction card.


Zenbunni Chocolate:  There were two chocolates included in the box.  Each bar of chocolate is made with stone ground biodynamic cacao.  The chocolate is made with spices, herbs, leaves, flowers, nuts, oils, slats and minerals.  Biodynamic farming looks at not only how a plant is grown, but the soil that it is grown in.  I tried one of the bars and it was a very tasty dark chocolate bar.


There was some Yogi Relaxed Mind Tea, again, everything was packaged together.


“Zen Beauty” Tea Meditation: There were four packets of Yogi Relaxed Mind tea in the box.  This tea is made with various herbs including Organic Sage leaf, Organic Lavender flower, Organic Nettie Leaf and more.

Once you brew the tea, you are to say the following:

This cup of tea in my hands represents mindfulness (deep breath).  My body and mind dwell in the present moment (deep breath).  Breathing in I smile.  Breathing out I am at peace”.

This tea is to help generate inner peace and happiness.  My husband tried this tea and found it to have a pleasant taste and the tea meditation was very relaxing.


Himalayan Salt Candle holder: There was a beautiful Himalayan Salt candle holder and tea light.  I actually have a Himalayan Salt block, used for cooking.  This salt can be used to prevent allergies, improve mood, aid in healthy sleep and support immune and cardiovascular functionality.


There was an additional card with all the benefits.


The last item came in a little white piece of paper.


California White Sage with Lavender  “The Ancient Art of Smudging“: Smudging is the act of purifying a room with sage.  There was a smudge stick (the sage bundle). The instruction go into great detail, giving every step to smudging.  You don't need many ingredients and the process looks easy.  They even include the blessing to recite.


Final Thought: Most of the items in the box were very new to me (blessings, nature's gifts etc), but Mindfulness Box made understanding everything easy.  I did find the candle holder especially relaxing, it emits such a beautiful glow.  I thought all the items in the box went well together and I was surprised how much they made me relax and feel at peace.  If you are interested in Mindfulness Box, use this link.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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